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    23 Delicious Ways To Layer Up For Fall

    Warning: Powerful dessert stacks ahead.

    1. Ahem.

    2. Fall is here, you guys.

    3. And you know what that means, right?

    4. That means it's time...

    5. ⬆️ To layer up. ⬆️

    6. And we don't mean in sweaters and scarves.


    8. Let it be known...

    9. That your fall desserts are not complete...

    10. Unless they're stacked AF.

    11. Towers of power.

    12. Layered ~lasagnas~.

    13. $tacked sheet cakes.

    14. Bundt cake bonanzas.

    15. Sky high s'mores.

    16. Icebox cakes that run deep.

    17. Funfetti bars that you can play Jenga with.

    18. A pumpkin cake that you literally top with ANOTHER cake.

    19. And so on.

    20. So this season, may all of your desserts...

    21. Be double-decker.

    22. (At the very least.)

    23. Happy fall!