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    22 Gloriously Geeky Swimsuits To Wear This Summer

    Just headin' to the beach with my pal Han Solo.

    1. Harry Potter:

    2. Who says a wizard can't catch a wave?

    3. Lord of the Rings:

    One suit to rule them all. Get it here.

    4. Remember — this guy needs plenty of sunscreen:

    5. Dr. Who:

    6. Game of Thrones:

    GoT to have it, clearly. Get it here.

    7. Star Trek:

    8. Captain America:

    Get them here and here.

    9. Alice in Wonderland:

    10. The Madhatter:

    11. Wonder Woman:

    12. Batman:

    With a detachable cape, for good measure. Get it here.

    13. ....and Robin:

    14. Star Wars:

    15. It doesn't matter whether you're a rebel...

    16. Or part of a pair....

    17. Or Solo:

    18. The fact is, there's a little something for everyone:

    19. You can journey to another galaxy...

    20. Show off those mad chemistry skills...

    21. Level up with a Game Boy-inspired suit...

    22. Or take a page from a comic book: