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    25 Ultra Geeky Nail Art Ideas

    Nerdy nails for life.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. This Sonic-inspired set:

    Courtesy of / Instagram: @badgirlnails

    Directions here.

    2. And this Tails one:

    Courtesy of / Instagram: @badgirlnails

    Step by step here.

    3. This Doctor Who design: /

    Find the tutorial at Entertainment Weekly, along with more nail art ideas here.

    4. And this one:

    Watch the full video here.

    5. This out-of-this-world idea:

    Connect the dots never looked so good. Tutorial here.

    6. Chemistry nerds, represent:

    Full video here.

    7. This well-known wizard...

    From here. (Also, three cheers for Scotch tape nail art.)

    8. And his crew:

    More info here, and full video here.

    9. This ode to Guitar Hero:

    More photos here.

    10. This Pac Man(icure):

    Step-by-step video here.

    11. This Star Wars edition:

    Find DIY directions here, or pre-painted, press-on versions here.

    12. And this one:

    Video here.

    13. And this one:

    These are finished with a matte topcoat. More info here.

    14. This nod to Totoro:

    More photos here.

    15. This Mickey version:


    BRB, furiously tracking down Mickey ice cream bars.

    16. And this Minnie one:

    Tutorial here. You can also replace the more ~elaborate~ designs with a simple nail decals like these.

    17. These Nightmare-approved nails:

    18. This ticket to Wonderland:

    Watch the full video here.

    19. This subtle Star Trek design:

    Find this tutorial and other ideas (including Batman and My Little Pony) at Elle.

    20. This B&W Game of Thrones set:

    Instant art. Find these decals here.

    21. This full color Hunger Games one:

    More inspiration here.

    22. This Catching Fire callout:

    23. This TMNT tutorial:

    Full video here.

    24. This Pokemon palette: / via

    Full video here.

    25. And this Tetris throwback:

    Power up. From here.