21 Foil-Wrapped Camping Recipes

Because everything tastes better when it’s cooked over a campfire.

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1. Campfire Breakfast Burritos


Prep these at home the night before — tortillas stuffed with egg, ham, cheese, and green chiles — then reheat at the campsite for a quick, filling breakfast. Get the instructions.

2. Warm S’mores Granola

S’mores for breakfast is completely acceptable, IMO. Get the instructions.

3. Lumberjack Breakfast

With sausage, potatoes, eggs, veggies, and cheese. Get the instructions.

4. Campfire Orange Cinnamon Rolls

+1 for eating food outta food. Get the instructions.

6. Campfire French Toast

No judgement if your version doesn’t look quite as ~Pinterest-ready~ as this one. Get the instructions.

7. Foil Pack Cheesy Fries

Equally delicious over a backyard BBQ or campfire coals. Get the instructions.

8. Campfire Tex Mex White Bean Chicken Packets

Ready to go in 25 minutes. Get the instructions.

9. Vegetarian Party Pack


Fair warning that carnivores will love this, too. Get the instructions.

11. Campfire Foil Packet Paella


You’ll do all your slicing and dicing pre-trip. Then at the campsite, just toss together and reheat. Get the instructions.

12. Salmon with Herbs & Lemon

Dijon + herbs + lemon + olive oil + fish = a 15-minute campfire dinner that’s equal parts easy and downright classy. Get the instructions.

13. Campfire Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Get the instructions.

14. Easy BBQ Chicken and Potatoes


15. Tin Foil Meat, Potato, and Veggie Bowls

Find the oven how-to here — but know that you could easily tweak the cooking time, cover with foil, and make these over a grill or fire, too.

16. Campfire Pizza Log

Find this and other campfire meal ideas here.

17. Whole Wheat Pasta Packets


Camping purists will say that eating pre-cooked pasta in the great outdoors is sacrilegious. I say OK MORE FOR ME. Get the instructions.

19. Campfire Cones

Most definitely not just for kids. Get the instructions.

20. Blueberry Cobbler

1) Top berries with pre-made biscuit dough. 2) Cover with foil and heat over a fire. 3) Devour. Get the instructions.

21. Chocolate Marshmallow Banana Boats

This and s’mores dip = my one true pair. Get the instructions.

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