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Show Us Dinner With Five Ingredients Or Less

What are your weeknight staples?

You can never have too many easy weeknight dinners in your arsenal. And when those dinners don't need a laundry list of ingredients to prepare, that's even better.

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So we want to know: What's your go-to meal that only uses five ingredients or less?

(And BTW: Olive oil, salt, and pepper don't count. 😎)

Maybe you reach for a pantry staple like pasta — and dress it up with fresh greens:

Or a simple tomato sauce:

Or you turn to a one-pan protein for easy cleanup:

Or you toss five favorites into a slow cooker and let dinner cook itself:

Or you go the breakfast-for-dinner route:

Whatever your favorite five-ingredient dinner is, we want to know! Share it in the comments below — along with the recipe and/or photo — and you might be featured on BuzzFeed and Tasty.