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    18 Easy DIY Art Projects You Can Make With Watercolors

    Let's paint the town. (In dreamy watercolors, preferably.)

    Start by making your own watercolors with five simple ingredients.

    THEN MAKE...

    1. Minimalist Thank You Cards

    Find instructions and lettering tips here. (Also: With this and most other items on this list, you'll want to use to use a thicker paper — ideally watercolor paper, but cardstock works too — for the best results.)

    2. Watercolor Gift Tags

    This blogger used tiny alphabet stamps to dress up each tag, but writing notes by hand is an even more personal touch. More here.

    3. Chevron Wall Print

    One of the best things about painting with watercolors? Mistakes don't really matter. The end result usually looks best after you 1) decide on some complementary colors, and 2) blend and match everything. But other than that, there aren't a ton of rules to follow. (And this canvas print is a great starter project.)

    4. Watercolor Mug

    This version actually uses nail polish for an easy, watercolor-inspired look. Instructions here. (Alternatively, you can also find paint-specific instructions here.)

    5. Watercolor Desk Calendar

    6. Fall-Inspired Watercolor Resist Art

    7. Or Resist Art: Crayola Edition

    This one swaps the hot glue gun for a white crayon — which you can use to trace a favorite quote, lyric, or design. Instructions here.

    8. Watercolor Clock

    Quite possibly the prettiest way to liven up a plain wooden clockface. (This technique would also work well on just about any sort of wood base.) Instructions here.

    9. Geometric Watercolor Painting

    10. Printable Watercolor Gift Boxes

    11. Watercolor Dip Dyed Bakers String

    #WatercolorOnWatercolor. Instructions here.

    12. Striped Watercolor Bunting

    13. Literary Watercolor Garland

    An adorable way to upcycle old books, and simple enough for kids to pitch in too. Instructions here. (Stick with a certain color scheme — like orange and black, or red and green — for easy holiday decor.)

    14. Step-by-Step Watercolor Florals

    This versatile design would work well on notecards, place-settings, or even as a print on its own. Find detailed instructions on how to create flowers and blend hues here.

    15. Ombre Watercolor Shoes

    So bright, so right. Just start with plain white canvas sneakers or slip-ons. Instructions here.

    16. Watercolor-Inspired Throw Pillow

    Just about any design works here: Sharpie ink is smudged with rubbing alcohol and then set with heat for an (insanely simple) watercolor-esque result. Instructions here.

    17. DIY Watercolor Paper Flowers

    18. Watercolor Sugar Cookies