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The Food At Coachella Looked Insane This Year

I'll take food over flower crowns any day.

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1. These crispy garlic fries topped with crab:

2. This spicy breakfast bowl with rice, fresh avocado, and egg:

From Beefsteak.

3. This ultimate grilled cheese, stacked high with fried mozzarella sticks:

4. This epic lunch spread that included pork belly chips and deep-fried Oreos:

5. This double scoop of milk tea ice cream:

From Afters.

6. Ramen noodles with all the fixings:

From Ramenchamp.

7. Savory paella doused in Sriracha:

9. Brunch fries topped with bacon, maple syrup, jalapeño, and egg:

10. Or these fries stacked high with pulled pork and slaw:

11. This doughnut-and-ice cream duo:

12. This unapologetically crispy honey chicken biscuit:

From Free Range.

14. This holy matrimony of Nutella ice cream and chocolate chip cookies:

15. This straight-up breakfast of champions — bacon, eggs, and homemade Pop Tarts:

From EggSlut and IndieJams.

16. Grilled cheese + grilled corn:

17. These Pinterest-ready acai bowls:

18. And this childhood snack of dreams: Lucky Charms ice cream sandwiched between Fruity Pebbles cookies:

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