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    31 Beautiful Ideas For A Book-Inspired Wedding

    How novel.

    1. Set the tone with library-themed invites:

    2. Or take a page from a book:

    3. Stack your favorites:

    4. Or scatter them:

    5. Revamp old pages into a boutonniere or bow tie:

    Learn how to make a DIY boutonniere here.

    6. Or a bouquet:

    7. Turn a typewriter into a centerpiece:

    8. Or library cards into escort cards:

    9. Bonus points for literary facts on the back:

    10. A card catalog can double as a family tree:

    11. With upfront instructions, of course:

    12. Build an outdoor bookshelf:

    13. Or the ultimate arch:

    14. Drape old cookbooks over the desserts table:

    15. For wedding favors, set up a mini library — and let guests pick their favorite book.

    16. Add some subtle romantic flair:

    17. Or go fantastically over the top:

    18. Tie in a favorite quote:

    19. Or an entire passage:

    20. Turn programs into front-page news:

    21. Add some magic to the guestbook:

    22. Incorporate old books into tablescapes:

    23. Customize a set of cufflinks for the groom:

    24. Or earrings for the bride:

    25. Build a book-inspired bar:

    26. Then stock it with wizardry:

    27. Or witches' brew:

    28. Get creative with the cake:

    Spectacularly nerdy wedding cakes FTW.

    29. Borrow a line or two from The Bard:

    30. Ditch the heels for ruby slippers:

    31. Or just go big — and book it to the altar: