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21 Bobby Pin Hairstyles You Can Do In Minutes

Pin up, girl.

First things first:

1. For no-show pins, point the bobby pin in the opposite direction of the hair you're pinning back.

Twist the pulled back section slightly, so that the pin has something to weave into. Find instructions for this quick tuck at Cosmo.

2. This works for pinning back braids too:

Watch the step-by-step video here.

3. Or, you can ditch the no-show look entirely:

Wear 'em loud and proud. More here.

4. Shorter locks? Sweep everything to one side:

And to prevent pins from sliding, prep them before use:

5. For a no-fuss way to tuck your bangs back, braid your crown and secure with two quick pins:

6. Criss-cross your pins for added texture:

7. Or criss-cross your locks for a different take on half-up, half-down:

It's easier than you think, and each pin tucks neatly under the layer above it. More here.

8. Master the art of the twist-and-tuck:

9. Use bobby pins to prop up your ponytail:

10. Get creative with a chevron-inspired design:

11. Or a geometric one:

More ideas at Marie Claire.

Also? Bonus points if you can work this into your hair: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

12. Channel old Hollywood in three steps: pin, roll, and tuck:

So romantic. Instructions here.

13. Get your hair out of your face with a single pin:

No hair-tie necessary. Tutorial here.

14. Double up with two:

15. Or three:

16. Start your day with a sunrise ponytail:

17. Chop your locks (temporarily!):

18. Go minimalist with an easy waterfall braid + a single pin:

19. Or stack a dozen on top of each other for a beautifully bold look:

20. Rock a rainbow-inspired 'do with colorful pins:

21. Or better yet, DIY your own custom set:

Thank you, almost-empty nail polish bottles, for all that you have given us. Find more design inspiration here and here.

Bonus: A quick fix for all of those stretched out bobby pins you've got lying around? Pliers.