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24 Couples Who Absolutely Nailed Their Rainy Day Wedding

Take THAT, rain.

1. This bride who brought options:

2. And this groom who was quick on his feet:

3. This colorful crew:

4. This dreamy duo:

5. This pair who put their best face(s) forward:

6. And this couple who didn't look back:

7. These two who took cover:

8. And these two who didn't:

9. This carefully coordinated pair:

10. And this one:

11. This couple who got creative:

12. These grooms who suited up:

13. And these ladies who booted up:

14. This couple who knows that if it rains on your wedding day...

15. You just gotta dance it out...

16. Or laugh it off...

17. Or splash it up:

18. So pull up your boots...

19. And kick up your heels...

20. And don't let anything stop you from celebrating.

21. Because at the end of the day...

22. (Rain or shine!)

23. You're still getting married to someone you love...

24. And that's what matters most.