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24 Couples Who Absolutely Nailed Their Rainy Day Wedding

Take THAT, rain.

Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

1. This bride who brought options:

Wayne & Angela /

2. And this groom who was quick on his feet:

Andres Zavadskis /

3. This colorful crew:

Kelsey Goodwin /

4. This dreamy duo:

Ariel Renae Photography /

5. This pair who put their best face(s) forward:

Kelsey Goodwin /

6. And this couple who didn't look back:

Susan Stripling /

7. These two who took cover:

Ryan Brenizer /

8. And these two who didn't:

Elegant Union Wedding Photography /

9. This carefully coordinated pair:

Corey Torpie /

10. And this one:

Hawes Photography /

11. This couple who got creative:

Ivan Zamanuhin /

12. These grooms who suited up:

Jenna Clark /

13. And these ladies who booted up:

14. This couple who knows that if it rains on your wedding day...

Marion Heurteboust /

15. You just gotta dance it out...

Alixann Loosle /

16. Or laugh it off...

Our Love Is Loud /

17. Or splash it up:

Laffler Photography /

18. So pull up your boots...

Meg Perotti /

19. And kick up your heels...

Matt Adcock / Del Sol Photography /

20. And don't let anything stop you from celebrating.

B-Freed Photography /

21. Because at the end of the day...

Aislinn Kate Photography /

22. (Rain or shine!)

B-Freed Photography /

23. You're still getting married to someone you love...

Sofria Plana Photography /

24. And that's what matters most.

Liz Grogan /