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31 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Lumbersexual In Your Life

As told to me by the lumbersexual in mine.

1. Beard Oil

The hair on your head needs TLC. So does the artistry on the lower half of your face. $14.95 here.

2. Stainless Steel Flask

Because fine whiskey should be within arms reach at all times. $27 here.

3. An Outdoor Essential

You'll thank me later. $9 here.

4. Minimalist Beard Prints

Lumbersexual-approved wall art. More here.

5. Bourbon-Spiked Maple Syrup

Tuthilltown is New York's first whiskey distillery since the age of Prohibition — and they fully cosign your craving for boozy pancakes. $28.95 here.

6. Stormproof Match Kit

For your (color-coordinated) wilderness kit. $6.55 here.

7. Wrangler Bear Print Tee

No, the model does not come with the shirt. Yes, it saddens me too. $56.85 here.

8. Steel & Hickory Axe

With a leather blade guard for those (very rare) times when you're not actively chopping things down. $140 here.

9. Meat of the Month Subscription:

The Carnivore Club will send you a box of handcrafted cured meat each month. Great mail day or greatest mail day? $55 here.

10. Hand-Ground Coffee Mill

The best part of waking up? Grinding your own coffee beans. $65 here.

11. Enamel Mug

A classic canvas to best show off the aforementioned beans. $15 here.

12. Buffalo Check Wool Throw

This is purely for decorative purposes — as lumbersexuals do not get cold. $100 here.

13. Cast Iron Skillet

14. Carry On Cocktail Kit

1. Board the plane with your kit in hand. 2. Order a mini bottle of bourbon. 3. Make yourself a proper Old Fashioned at 30,000 feet. $24 here.

15. Etched Oak Knife

Suddenly my normal steak knives seem boring. :/ $24.50 here.

16. Ambitious Beard Tee

Beard or beard not. There is no try. $15 here.

17. Pocket Comb

18. Fortifying Face Balm

Beary nice. $36 here.

19. Wood Six Pack

The craftiest of craft beer carriers. $49.95 here.

20. The Moonshine Manual

Not that anyone needs any help with the *drinking* whiskey part. $24 here.

21. Walnut Wood Slingshot

Infinitely more reliable than anything you ever strung together as a kid. $34 here.

22. Campfire Cologne

Eau de summer camp. $12.95 here.

23. Lumberjack Yoga Mat

For Warrior II in the woods, obviously. $30 here.

24. Ragg Wool Socks & Beanie

Get them here ($14) and here ($29.)

25. Temporary Tattoos

For the lumbersexual who ran out of canvas space for real ones. Find these ($5) and more here.

26. John Muir Trail Wall Print

Step one: Watch Mile Mile & A Half on Netflix. Step two: Hang this print proudly above your television. Get it here.

27. Cotton Bomber Jacket

$37 here.

28. Field Pack

This would fit at least a half dozen bottles of beard oil, easily. $40 here.

29. Woodcut Coffee Table Book

30. Tobacco & Woodsmoke Candles

Get them here ($18) or here ($30).

31. Whiskey Print

Amen. $20 here.