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    Here's How To Bake With Booze And Nail It

    So you can have your cake and spike it too.

    Drinks and desserts are both pretty great on their own. And together, they're even better.

    With that in mind, BuzzFeed Life teamed up with Faith Alice Sleeper, the owner and baker behind Crunkcakes — a booze-infused cupcake line — in Washington, DC. We asked her for her tips on nailing the baking + booze combo, plus four original dessert recipes that you can easily replicate in your own kitchen.

    Here's the ingredient lineup:

    1. Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Kahlua

    2. Dark 'n' Stormy Rum Apple Crisp

    3. Whiskey Pecan Pie with Quick-Candied Pecans

    4. Bulleit Bread Pudding with Bourbon-Soaked Cherries

    Recipes by Faith Alice Sleeper | Photos by Laura Metzler | Design by Jenny Chang