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Your Bedroom Is Not Trendy Without These 8 Things

It is not sexy either.

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What is the coziest place in your apartment? Now, what is the sexiest one? Where can you spend the whole day long, enjoying the latest series of Games of Thrones or the special edition of Harry Potter? Where can you be yourself, pretending to play bass guitar while listening to The Rolling Stones (nobody’s judging)? Obviously, that’s your bedroom – a place, which covers all of your secrets.

1. Removable wallpaper to refresh your bedroom. Whether you’d like minimalist white bricks wallpaper or something romantic like marble wallpaper, these textured wallpapers will bring modern vibes to your design and create a special mood in your bedroom. Not to say, how convenient it is!

TheWallStckerCompany / Via

2. Quote pillows, which will uncover your intentions Haven’t you dreamed about stuff, which could speak your mind instead of you, using no words? Especially, when you invite a date over and need just a little tiny help.

Society6 / Via

3. Mattress that will make it hard to get out of bed. There are many types of them, including memory foam, innerspring, natural latex mattresses, not to forget about airbeds and waterbeds. Not only to make your bedroom a trendy but a comfortable place. Just figure out which mattress is the best for you.

Matress Guides / Via

4. LED curved sign to spice your bedroom up. Hearts and lips, motivation quotes, geometric figures or rainbows – it’s up to you, which shape of LED sign is going to illuminate your bedroom. Anyway, it’s a trendy accessory to make your bedroom vivid.

Urban Outfitters / Via

5. Minimalist paintings, made of a single curve. For those who know that true art doesn’t always need much.

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6. Invisible book shelves to make your guests believe in magic. Obviously, it’s just physical law and has nothing to do with magic, but you can casually miss this fact. We promise to keep shtum.

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7. Clothes rack so that nobody could accuse you of having a skeleton in a closet. Beautiful and simple. Isn’t that all you need to make your bedroom trendy? Moreover, it’s just a genial solution if you don’t have space for a closet.

Urnam Outfitters / Via

8. House plants to fill your Instagram with great photos. Not only! If you had an accident with a hamster in childhood, which lived for a week because you forgot to feed it, probably you shouldn’t get a plant. Although, you don’t have to feed it, so.

Any ideas how to complement the list? Be inventive and make your bedroom a place of self-expression!

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