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Eat The Rainbow With This Colorful Cauliflower "Pizza"

Unicorn food!

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Rainbow Veggie Cauliflower "Pizza"

Servings: 6

Servings: 6

Here's a video showing you how to make it:

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Cauliflower Crust:

1 head cauliflower, trimmed, cut into pieces

½ teaspoon oregano

½ teaspoon basil

½ teaspoon garlic powder

¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes

½ teaspoon sea salt

¼ cup parmesan

1 large egg


Pizza sauce

Low-fat mozzarella cheese, shredded

Sun-dried tomatoes

1 orange bell pepper, sliced

1 yellow bell pepper, sliced

3 ounces prewashed baby spinach, chopped

¼ red onion


1. Preheat oven to 450˚F/230˚C.

2. Place cauliflower pieces into bowl of food processor and pulse for 30 seconds, or until cauliflower is the texture of cornmeal.

3. Transfer cauliflower to a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high for 4 minutes. Let cool.

4. Transfer the cooked cauliflower into a clean dish towel and wring out the excess water.

5. Discard water.

6. Place cauliflower into a bowl. Add oregano, basil, garlic powder, sea salt, red pepper flakes, and egg. Mix thoroughly by hand.

7. Transfer cauliflower mixture onto a greased parchment-lined pizza tray or cookie sheet.

8. Pat out the dough into a disk approximately ¼-inch thick.

9. Bake for 8-10 minutes. Remove from oven.

10. Spread a layer of pizza sauce on the crust.

11. Add cheese (optional).

12. Top with your favorite rainbow vegetables.

13. Bake for 8- 10 minutes, or until the spinach is wilted and the cheese is melted.

14. Enjoy!

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