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Nov 30, 2010

Rappers And Their Moms

Don’t let the lewd videos and NSFW language fool you, rappers are momma’s boys too! Here are some of hip-hop’s favorite bad boys showing some motherly love.

  • 1. Jay Z And his mom, Gloria

  • 2. Ludacris and his mom, Roberta

  • 3. Diddy and his mom, Janice

  • 4. Bow Wow and his mom, Teresa

  • 5. Drake and his mom, Sandi

  • 6. Chris Brown and his mom, Joyce

  • 7. Kanye West and his late mom, Donda

  • 8. Ne Yo and his mom, Lorraine

  • 9. Flava Flav and his mom, Angie

  • 10. Usher and his mom, Jonetta

  • 11. Yung Joc and his mom

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