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Celebrity Siblings You Didn't Know Existed

You might be surprised to know that many celebrities have brothers and sisters who aren't famous. Can you see the resemblance?

  • 1. Dan Gordon-Levitt (Burning Dan)

    Joseph Gordon Levitt's older brother, Dan. R.I.P.

  • 2. Lisa Roberts

    Julia's older sister, Lisa.

  • 3. Dave Franco

    James's younger brother, Dave.

  • 4. Elizabeth Olsen

    Mary-Kate & Ashley's younger sister, Elizabeth.

  • 5. Samantha Bloom

    Orlando's older sister, Samantha.

  • 6. Don Swayze

    Patrick Swayze's younger brother, Don.

  • 7. Andrew Wilson

    Owen and Luke's older brother, Andrew.

  • 8. Dedee Pfeiffer

    Michelle's younger sister, Dedee.

  • 9. Mia Tyler

    Liv's half-sister, Mia.

  • 10. Hunter Johansson

    Scarlett's twin brother, Hunter.

  • 11. Michael Kutcher

    Ashton's twin brother, Michael.

  • 12. Wade Morissette

    Alanis's twin brother, Wade.

  • 13. Monica Cruz

    Penelope's Sister, Monica.

  • 14. Brandi Cyrus

    Miley's half-sister, Brandi.

  • 15. Dylan Efron

    Zac's younger brother, Dylan.

  • 16. Sophia Richie

    Nicole's younger sister, Sophia.

  • 17. Breanna Conrad

    Lauren's younger sister, Breanna.

  • 18. Eric Stefani

    Gwen's older brother, Eric.

  • 19. Meg Heigl

    Katherine's older sister, Meg.

  • 20. Rajad Fenty

    Rihanna's littler brother, Rajad.

  • 21. Lizzy Pattinson

    Robert's older sister, Lizzy.

  • 22. Jazmyn Bieber

    Justin's baby sister, Jazmyn.

  • 23. Jake Paltrow

    Gwyneth's younger brother, Jake.

  • 24. Louise Adams

    Victoria's Beckham's older sister, Louise.

  • 25. Carl Mayer

    John's older brother, Carl.

  • 26. Alex Watson

    Emma's younger brother, Alex.

  • 27. Ali Lohan

    Lindsay's younger sister, Ali.

  • 28. Dan Heder

    John's twin brother, Dan.

  • 29. Shannon Leto

    Jared's older brother, Shannon.

  • 30. Lee Anne DeVette

    Tom Cruise's older sister, Lee.

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