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    10 Commoners Who Married Into Royalty

    Kate Middleton isn’t the only commoner to be married into a royal family. Check out some other everyday people who literally found their prince charming.

    • 1. Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys Jones

    • 2. Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson

    • 3. Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester married Birgitte van Deurs

    • 4. Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent married Katharine Worsley

    • 5. Prince Pavlos of Greece married Marie-Chantal Miller

    • 6. Prince Alexander Von Furstenberg married Alexandra Miller

    • 7. Prince Frederik of Denmark married Mary Elizabeth Donaldson

    • 8. Prince Michael of Kent married Marie Christine von Reibnitz

    • 9. Prince Felipe of Spain married news reporter Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano

    • 10. Prince Nikolaos of Greece married Tatiana Blatnik

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