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Say'hu: Charlotte's Emerging Rapper

Gambian- American Rapper, Say'hu, is a UNC Charlotte alumni with a promising music career. Along with multiple releases, his musical resume expands opening gigs for well-known rappers G-Eazy and Sakordie.

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Lyrics that Tackle Social Issues

Known by his stage name Say'hu, Saihou Ceesay, was born in Atlanta, Georgia but raised in Africa. His lyrics are powerful reminders that there are still injustices experienced around the world today. Being raised in Africa influenced Say'hu to write lyrics that challenge socio-political issues.


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"People fighting, people dying

Leaders greedy for its wealth

Everyone is scared to talk

But I can't keep it to myself"

According to Say'hu, corruption and lack of free speech are what mar Africa. However, knowing that Africa and its people have a lot to offer, he refuses to stay quiet. Through his verses, Say'hu condemns African leaders in hopes that people will be encouraged to change current-day Africa.

Say'hu-"The Upright Man"

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Garnering over seventy-five thousand views on YouTube, and over thirty-five thousand listens on Soundcloud, "The Upright Man" has seen undeniable success for the up-and-coming artist, Say'hu.

UNC Charlotte Communications Studies, B.A. Recipient

While at UNC Charlotte, the socially conscious rapper, Say'hu, obtained a Communications Studies degree. His ambition to write heartfelt imagery depicting socio-political issues was cultivated by his undergraduate career at UNC Charlotte. His talent and success allowed him to open for well-known rapper G-Eazy's concert.

Say'hu-"Coming Home" depicts life in Gambia

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Say'hu recently traveled to Africa where he recorded his song, "Coming Home" allowing his fans to vicariously experience life in Gambia. In this video, audiences can see the poverty and injustices affecting Africa.

"They Speaking To Me" / Via

Say'hu's latest release, "They Speaking To Me" is now available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and iTunes. "One a Dem," "Coming Home," "Who They Doubted" and "Pray" are also now available on YouTube for viewers to enjoy.

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