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Keeping Up With The Blogs

My favorite blogs to read.

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1. The Huffington Post

I am a proud millennial, who can admit that long articles can sometimes be a hassle or be boring. The Huffington Post is an online media blog that has garnered my devotion due to its reporting style and interactive media. The media blog relies heavily on social media, and it happens to be the only thing I pay attention to on Facebook. The Huffington Post is a great online media company because its covered topics include politics, health, technology, entertainment, and everything in between.

2. NPR

Although NPR is mostly known for its radio broadcasts, their online content is by far one of the best on the internet. I thoroughly enjoy their articles, especially those with accompanying audio media. I don't think they receive enough praise as they should considering the amount of content on their website. Aesthetically, is my favorite website to read articles.

3. is another online news media company that targets millennials. Its approach to delivering news is very similar to The Huffington Post and it covers a variety of topics. Their technology, arts, and entertainment sections are my favorite to keep up with.

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