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Did You Hear What I Said?


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Do you ever sit back and simply just watch people? Observe interactions, gestures, reactions? Do you ever just stop talking and actually listen? If yes, then this may relate to you.

Recently I’ve started to zone out of my own thoughts and watch people talk with one another as they exchange stories and simple conversion. Have you ever noticed that there is more “I’ then there is “You”?

I was sitting down eating lunch on my own last week when I started tuning into the people next to me. They were jumping from one subject to another, “I was used to that all the time!” – “Yeah I did that too and my boyfriend hated it” – “Omg my ex boyfriend was the same!” Within 5 minutes of this conversation I realized, no one was actually listening to one another.

After seeing this is a common habit amongst most people, I tuned in with myself and caught myself doing it mid conversation. I stopped and started laughing to myself. I was responding to someone by relating it back to myself instead of staying intrigued in their story.

What does this say about us? That we are all subconsciously selfish? There is a big difference in connecting with someone sharing common interests and not listening at all to what someone is saying. More so than not you wont even remember what someone has said to you, which leads to my curiosity, is this why we forget things people have said to us? Because our memories were not intaking any information at all? Perhaps this is the break down of why most arguments start.. Hmm, food for thought?

Take a moment of your day today to be aware. Watch your own responses as well as the people your talking to. Try and listen without reverting it back to yourself. It may be harder then you think..

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