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Why I Worked On A Day Without Women

As a Morning Radio DJ your life is pretty open. So when a listener called in to demand why a self-proclaimed feminist was working on A Day Without Women, I had to explain why I choose not to turn off my microphone.

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Working On A Day Without Women

This morning a caller demanded to know why I was at work when today is the Day Without Women strike. As someone who is proud to be a working female, I want to explain why I chose to do the show this morning. For most of my life, Morning Radio has been a boys club. It was always a man or two men in the morning... and should a woman work hard enough to be on the show with them, she was never considered a Host or Co-host. Did you know until about 5 years ago, women on morning radio had the demeaning title of "sidekick"? There were very talented women who often times were the heart of the shows, writing and producing bits with and for their male counterparts, yet being called "the laugh box" or "the chick" behind closed doors. Something most people don't know if you're not in our industry - to be a female and get your name into the title of the show was pretty much an act of God... and usually something the company reluctantly gave into during contract negotiations. Our pay, until very recently, had always been a fraction of what male radio hosts make. And while many of my radio sisters in other cities still struggle with this daily, I am extremely fortunate to be at a radio company that appreciates my value and treats me as a human - not singled out or degraded for being female. I am proud to be able to have my voice heard, stick up for female rights, and encourage other women to take off our stilettos and throw them right through those glass ceilings so we can keep shattering the boys club stereotypes in all the workforce. So yes, I chose to be on air this morning because my voice is my weapon, and I will continue to stand strong until all of us women are considered equal. Thanks for understanding

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