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    19 Snazzy Things That'll Turn Your Backyard Into A Summer Sanctuary

    BRB, taking a season-long staycation.

    1. A string of Edison bulb lights that'll add some ~illumination~ to your patio and really set the mood for those sweet summer nights. They're waterproof, so you'll be able to chillax all night, rain or shine.

    Edison bulb string lights hanging and turned on in a backyard

    2. An outdoor rug that'll cozy up your entire backyard and make you want to spend more time out there. It's easy to clean and UV-resistant, meaning the design won't fade in the sun.

    Two chairs, a side table, and the rug on a wooden floor outside against a wall

    3. A quilted hammock that'll turn your outdoor space into a literal sanctuary. It comes with a carrying case, so you can pack it up and take it to a friend's house or to the cottage.

    a hammock hanging in a backyard

    4. A stylish bird feeder that'll bring all the birds to the yard (🎶and they're like, it's better than yours🎶). It's got handy windows, so you can see if the seed supply is running low.

    Two birds on the feeder with plants in the background

    5. A pop-up gazebo with mesh netting that'll be your go-to hiding spot from those evil bloodsuckers (mosquitos, obvi). It's also perf for dodging the rain or enjoying some snacks in the shade.

    The gazebo outside with a couch and table underneath it and greenery around it

    6. An outdoor pillow that'll make outside feel as comfy as inside. It's made with weather-resistant fabric and you can even use it to rest your head while you're chillin' on a floatie in the pool (it's life-changing, trust).

    Outdoor pillow resting on an outdoor chair

    7. An outdoor pizza oven that'll save you big bucks on pizza delivery. It'll reach 950°F in 15 minutes and will cook your 'za in just 60 seconds, so you won't have to wait around for your tasty creations.

    Ooni pizza oven on a table outside

    8. A portable smokeless fire pit so you don't have to worry about ash getting everywhere. You can set it up in two minutes, which is great for when you get a sudden craving for s'mores.

    Fire pit on a dock by the lake in the middle of two chairs

    9. A set of self-watering planters that'll help you take better care of your outdoor greenery if you occasionally forget to water it (listen, we've all been there). The double-layered design holds extra water at the bottom of the pot, so your plants won't, y'know, drown.

    Two planters with plants in them

    10. A waterproof bistro table that can be used as an outdoor bar, or perhaps a cute dessert table for when guests come over. It also has a footrest that'll make it comfy enough to use as extra seating.

    Bar table on a patio looking over a body of water, two barstools behind it, and juice, fruit, and a plant on top of the table

    11. A bean bag sun lounger that'll make your leisure time feel more ✨luxe✨ and make you never want to go back to regular boring lounge chairs again. It'll morph to the shape of your bod like a dream. Ultimate relaxation: activated.

    Person sitting on lounger chair by the lake on a dock

    12. A hanging chair that'll put your summer in full swing (get it? Lol). The oversized cushion will have you surrounded by softness while you're reading a book, scrolling through TikTok, or even taking an afternoon snooze.

    Person sitting on the hanging chair outside with a drink in hand

    13. A variety pack of beginner-friendly vegetable seeds that'll help you kickstart your garden adventure. It comes with tons of different options, so you'll be able to grow everything from cucumbers and corn to cherry tomatoes and carrots.

    The vegetable seeds in a garden beside someone's hands gardening

    14. A pack of sunflower solar lights that'll add the right amount of charm to your lil' oasis. Flowers you won't have to plant and lights you won't have to remember to unplug? Yes, please!

    Four solar sunflower lights lit up in a garden at night

    15. A set of citronella candles that'll smell good, keep the 'squitos away, and create a cozy ambiance. Reviewers say the scent is pretty mild, so you don't have to worry about it overwhelming your nostrils.

    Three people smiling and looking at a phone with the candle beside them

    16. A small jute ottoman that can be used as a footrest, aesthetic decor, or even as a little table. When the season is over, you can transfer it indoors and make use of it all year 'round.

    The round jute ottoman against a plain background

    17. A set of artificial plant panels you can assemble into a wall to keep your nosy neighbours out and privacy in. It's not only great for peace and quiet, but will also make a cute backdrop for photos.

    a flatlay of the faux greenery panels

    18. A patio umbrella that'll protect you from the blazing sun when you need a break from catching rays. Reviewers say it's very easy to assemble and it comes with a weighted bag you can fill to keep it from toppling over.

    The umbrella open over a couch with a pool in the background

    19. And lastly, a water fountain that'll add some ~rustic vibes~ to your garden. The trickling water will create a soothing sound that'll help you relax to the max (outdoor yoga, anyone?).

    a four-tier water foun dation

    The level of chill you're about to unlock after this:

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