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    23 ~Stylish~ Gifts That Anyone Would Love To Receive

    A shirt for you, a purse for you, and a necklace for you!

    1. A Matt and Nat backpack that'll easily fit a tablet or 13-inch laptop (new work bag, perhaps?). It has a large main compartment and a front pocket for all their little necessities.

    someone slinging the backpack over their shoulder

    2. A pompom beanie with the cutest pattern that'll look so good with the rest of their winter attire. It has a sherpa lining that'll keep their noggin nice and toasty, too.

    someone wearing the hat with a turtleneck sweater

    3. A panelled unitard with adjustable straps that they can loosen or tighten depending on the support they need. It has medium compression, so it'll keep everything from bouncing around while they're working out.

    4. A zodiac pendant necklace so they can proudly show off their sign. It'll look *chef's kiss* solo or layered with other chains, and it has shimmery white topaz details that'll make it ✨sparkle✨ like the constellations in the night sky.

    someone wearing the necklace layered with a shorter chain

    5. A set of style guidebooks that cover four major fashion houses: Prada, Gucci, Chanel, and Dior. They're packed with inspo and can also be used as pieces of decor to elevate their space.

    the four books stacked on top of each other on a table

    6. A Bridgerton x Kitsch Satin Pillowcase with a floral design that'll make their bed look elegant as heck. The material will help tame frizz and prevent breakage while they snooze the night away.

    someone holding a pillow with the pillowcase on it

    7. A pearl dome ring for your bold pal who loves to make a statement. It'll also add something new to their collection, if you've only seen 'em rocking metals and gemstones.

    someone wearing the ring

    8. A cheetah print fleece jacket that'll add a little bit of spice to their athleisure wardrobe, but will still fit in with all of their neutrals. It has a mock neck that'll keep them warm, plus two pockets to hold their phone and lip balm.

    9. A cropped lululemon puffer jacket filled with goose down that'll keep 'em warm this winter. It also has a removable hood and a waist cincher, so they can change up the silhouette.

    10. A pair of platform high-top Converse that are basically an ~elevated~ twist on the classic Chucks. If your pal needs some help in the height department, the double-stacked sole on these babies will give 'em what they want.

    The pair of Converse in Melina's hand

    11. A set of jumbo claw clips that'll help them achieve a chic updo, so they can match their fave '90s sitcom character (AKA the queen, Rachel Green). These clips are pretty dang large, so they'll work great even if their hair is particularly thick.

    12. A pair of lululemon Groove Flared Pants that'll remind them of the good ol' days when yoga pants were the moment. There's a hidden pocket in the waistband where they can stash a card, key, or cash.

    13. A pair of 14-karat gold huggie hoops that are a great splurge-y gift for someone who really appreciates jewellery. They're great for everyday wear and will literally last a lifetime!

    14. Or a pair of statement earrings that'll be such a stunning gift for someone who loves everything that ✨ shimmers and sparkles ✨. Reviewers love how comfortable they are and how expensive they look, too.

    person putting on their right earring

    15. A pair of comfy Barefoot Dreams slippers that are as soft as the brand's famous blankets. And the cheetah print design will make them feel chic, even in their least-stylish state.

    someone wearing the slippers on a wooden floor

    16. A lululemon Scuba Oversized Scuba Full-Zip Hoodie that'll be their new go-to sweater because it's seriously so comfy. It has a zipper garage, so they can hike it up all the way without it chafing their neck — and the elastic on the zipper doubles as a hair tie, too!

    Melina wearing the sweater and showing off the thumbholes

    17. A pair of Sheertex tights that'll be stronger than any other pair of nylons they own, and will last ten times longer. Reviewers say their long nails didn't even poke through, and they lasted another person two years!

    18. A fleece lululemon bucket hat that'll keep their head shielded from the frigid, frosty air. The interior lining is sweat-wicking and will dry quickly — y'know, in case it gets a lil' too warm up in there.

    A person wearing the hat and a puffer jacket

    19. A cozy sherpa shacket that'll be perfect for when they won't be outside for too long, but still need an extra layer. Aside from warmth, it'll also be a great layering piece that can be dressed up, too.

    20. A ruched handbag made of vegan leather that'll feel luxurious as ever. It has a magnetic closure, so they won't even need to fumble around with a zipper.

    person holding the bag with sunglasses and a blazer on

    21. A lululemon Everywhere Fleece Belt Bag if they love the OG one and need a winterized version ASAP. It has one big compartment, as well as an exterior pocket for things they need quick 'n' easy access to.

    a person wearing the belt bag in front of a plain background

    22. A pair of Knix x The Birds Papaya leggings that have an ultra high-rise waistband that'll actually stay in place, so they won't have to yank 'em up with every other step they take.

    victoria lounging on an outdoor sofa while wearing the faux leather leggings

    23. And finally, a pair of shearling-style mittens that'll feel like lil' blankets for their hands. Plus, the teddy texture will add some ~oomph~ to any 'fit.

    a person wearing the mittens

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