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    If You Haven't Been Feeling Your Best, These 23 Products Will Give You A Lil' Boost

    In an ideal world, we'd all have a reset button — but these will have to do for now!

    1. A bottle of Drunk Elephant O-Bloos Rosi Glow Drops that can be applied like a liquid blush if you just want a pop of colour without having to wear makeup. Since the formula is very light, you can build it up if you want more of a rosy flush.

    2. Or a bottle of Benefit lip and cheek stain that'll be a great base to layer under other liquid, cream, and powder blushes to give them extra staying power. It'll also give your lips some life — just pop some balm over it and voila!

    3. A tube of GrandeLASH serum that'll lengthen your lashes, so they'll look extra voluminous even without falsies. And if you have thinning or brittle lashes, this will definitely help you out in that department.

    Melina holding the serum

    4. A Kosas tinted brow gel with plant-based fibres that'll add some volume to your brows. It has a strong hold, too, so your stubborn hairs will stay in place for that fluffy brow look.

    5. A facial steamer that'll open up your pores before you use the included stainless steel tools to extract any blackheads or blemishes during your at-home facial. It also doubles as a humidifier and a towel warmer, too.

    someone using the facial steamer

    6. A multipurpose Maybelline concealer that you can use to conceal, colour correct, and contour. The sponge-tip applicator makes it easy to apply and blend the product without having to use your fingers.

    the concealer being used in three different ways

    7. A hair gel stick that you can use to slick back any flyaways or baby hairs. It's lightweight so you won't have stiff, crusty hair, and reviewers say it has fantastic hold, too.

    someone slicking back someones hair with the stick

    8. A Moroccanoil hair mist that'll make your tresses smell absolutely heavenly — even when you're between washes. You can also use it on your body if you want to smell totally irresistible.

    someone spraying the mist in their hair

    9. And an amika dry shampoo that'll save you from greasy hair on your second, third, fourth, or fifth (I don't judge) day. This stuff smells so frickin' good and doesn't leave any white residue, either.

    Melina holding the amika dry shampoo

    10. A pack of cute pimple patches that'll be large enough to cover your biggest breakouts. Reviewers love that they help shrink the appearance of pores, too.

    11. A pack of teeth-whitening strips that'll give you shiny pearly whites without a pricey visit to the dentist. Reviewers say they actually made their teeth brighter after one use — no waiting weeks to see those results!

    Someone holding the box of whitening strips

    12. A pack of gold eye masks that'll hydrate your under-eye area if they've been feeling tired and dry (same). Once you take these babies off, your skin will look magically more radiant and even-toned.

    a person wearing the undereye masks

    13. A gel manicure kit that'll make your nails look professionally done, so you won't have to waste another hour (or two) at the salon. Reviewers say the process is easy enough for beginners and that their manis and pedis last for over two weeks.

    the full gel nail manicure set on a table

    14. A pair of 14k gold hoops so lightweight and comfortable, you can wear them every day without irritating your lobes. And they have a click closure, so you won't have any posts jabbing you, either.

    15. Or a pack of hypoallergenic huggie hoops if you have multiple piercings. There's just something about a satisfying ear stack that instantly makes you feel more put together, am I right?

    a close up of someone wearing the earrings on their ear stack

    16. A Rare Beauty tinted moisturizer that'll give you light coverage so you can skip your foundation. It also has SPF, so it'll protect your skin against harmful rays (yes, you should still wear SPF in the winter).

    the tinted moisturizer with the lid off and the product dripping out and down the bottle

    17. A hydrating overnight mask that reviewers say leaves their skin soft and moisturized way into the next day. Since it's infused with aloe vera, it'll be cooling and calming — the perfect reset for when you've been feeling not-so-hot.

    someone holding the face mask in their hand and scooping some out

    18. A bottle of Color Wow Dream Coat spray because good haircare can really help you feel your best. It'll tame unruly flyaways for up to four washes, while leaving your locks feeling silky-smooth and lookin' as shiny as the bottle.

    a pair of bottles of the hair smoothing spray

    19. And a Briogeo conditioning hair mask that'll help strengthen your tresses and bring those locks back to a state of silky smoothness. Using it regularly can help prevent further damage, too.

    Melina holding the tub of the hair mask

    20. A matching lounge set for when you want to wear something comfy but aren't feeling the same mismatched sweats you've been rocking for a week straight. Reviewers say it's lightweight, airy, and so comfortable.

    someone wearing the matching lounge set

    21. A fitness journal where you can log your progress, goals, and workout plans. There are spots for tracking everything from water intake to macros, which will help you stay motivated on your fitness journey.

    a person holding the fitness journal open in their hands

    22. A semi-permanent lash lift kit if you want to skip on the lash extensions and falsies altogether. It'll perm your eyelashes and give them a natural-looking, long-lasting curl.

    the lash lift kit on a counter with necklaces on it

    23. And lastly, a semi-permanent brow tint that'll keep your brows dark and on fleek for up to six weeks. Reviewers say the colour is very rich and vibrant, and it doesn't fade after showers, either.

    a before and after shot of an eyebrow

    You after using these products:

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