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    18 Slightly Embarrassing Products You'll Be Thankful You Can Order Online

    For when you'd prefer to forgo making awkward eye contact while holding a bottle of fungal cream.

    1. A pack of period panties that might look a little less appealing than your usual pairs, but they'll sure as heck prevent any unwanted leaks. Reviewers say they provide extra protection on heavier flow days and feel just like regular underwear.

    someone wearing the underwear from the back

    2. Or a pack of absorbent briefs that'll protect against *any* leaks. Reviewers say they're perfect for their postpartum needs, too.

    the absorbent underwear against a plain background

    3. A moisturizing butt sheet mask that'll hydrate your skin so it'll quite literally be as soft as a baby's bum. Reviewers say there's no harsh scent and that it helps with breakouts, too.

    two people holding the masks

    4. A set of kegel weights that'll help strengthen things down there to prevent postpartum prolapse. It'll also help improve bladder control, and reviewers say they no longer leak when laughing too hard (we love that for them).

    the weights on a blanket

    5. A plunger and bowl brush set that'll keep your toilet essentials in one spot and save you some space, too. They both have ergonomic handles that'll make it more comfortable to plunge and clean your porcelain throne.

    the plunger and brush bowl set beside a toilet

    6. A cold sore ointment that'll help soothe your symptoms. It'll also speed up the healing process, so you can get rid of 'em fast.

    someone holding the little tube of ointment

    7. A tube of heel balm that'll help fix up your painfully cracked feet if they're starting to resemble sandpaper and keep catching on your sheets. Reviewers say it even softened their calluses and love that it's not greasy, either.

    a person using the heel balm on their feet

    8. A pack of Sani Sticks that'll keep your pipes free of clogs and backups. Reviewers say they're safe for septic systems and work on every sink in the house.

    someone putting a stick down their drain

    9. A topical Canesten anti-fungal cream that'll relieve any uncomfortable itching and burning on your body. It'll help cure athlete's foot and reviewers say it cleared up their ringworm, too.

    a package of canesten anti-fungal cream

    10. A tube of Preparation H hemorrhoid cream that'll shrink swollen tissue and relieve itching and irritation. Reviewers say it reduced their symptoms within a matter of hours.

    a package of preparation h cream

    11. A bottle of Compound W wart remover that'll treat common and plantar warts without any stinging or discomfort. The brush applicator will make it easy to apply the product without your fingers coming in contact with the wart (don't wanna spread that!).

    the packaging of the wart remover

    12. A First Response pregnancy test if it just feels a little too personal or intimate to buy in public.

    the pregnancy test against a plain background

    13. A pack of toilet bowl tablets that'll get rid of tough rust and keep it at bay for up to 45 days. All you'll have to do is drop one in your toilet bowl and tank, and it'll do the hard work for you.

    a toilet bowl before and after using it

    14. A hair removal cream that's safe for sensitive body parts, thanks to its gentle formula. If you're sick of razor bumps from shaving and have a low pain tolerance for waxing, this will be your saviour.

    the bottle of hair removal cream and some of the natural ingredients in it

    15. A lice remover kit with a shampoo, comb, and magnifying pick that'll help you remove all the bugs and their remnants from your hair.

    a box of the liceguard kit

    16. A pack of nail repair pens that'll help you painlessly remove fungus from your fingernails and toenails and protect your claws in the process. They'll also hydrate your damaged talons and help them get back to a healthy state — plus, reviewers love how easy they are to use!

    the nail repair pens against a plain background

    17. A pack of Imodium tablets that'll give you quick relief from gas, cramps, bloating, and diarrhea without needing a prescription. They'll be an absolute godsend on vacation or in any other situation where an upset stomach is not ideal.

    the pack of imodium against a graphic background

    18. And lastly, a strong anti-dandruff shampoo that'll relieve you of your flaky skin and horribly itchy scalp. Since it's anti-fungal, reviewers also use it to treat tinea versicolor and dermatitis.

    the shampoo packaging against a plain background

    This will no longer be you when seeing someone you know at the drugstore:

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