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    20 Things That’ll Help You Get Through Your Never-Ending To-Do List

    You'll soon realize you should've ordered most of these yesterday.

    1. A dish squeegee that'll help you get all the leftover bits and pieces off your plates, making dish duty a lot less dreadful. Reviewers say it helps keep their sponges clean for longer and prevents oily remains from seeping down the drain.

    Someone scraping food leftovers off a plate using the dish squeegee

    2. A pack of gel toilet stamps that'll clean your toilet for you, so you won't have to scrub away at nasty stains. And they'll keep your bowl fresh with every flush (one can last for up to 12 days).

    3. A reusable pet hair remover that'll make cleaning the dander off your couch way less daunting. It'll collect every piece of fur off your clothing, carpets, furniture, and curtains.

    A person using the pet hair remover on a fur-covered surface

    4. A Wet & Forget shower cleanser that'll rid it of soap scum, grime, and other nasty buildups that you've been ignoring. All you have to do is spray your shower, leave it overnight, rinse with warm water in the a.m., and voila! Squeaky clean.

    a before and after shot of a shower

    5. A meal planning pad that'll help you stay on track with your weekly meals because deciding what to make for dinner can sometimes be the most challenging task of the day. It also has a detachable section for your grocery list if you're in need of some ingredients.

    someone holding the detached shopping list and the filled out pad beside it

    6. And a set of meal prep containers that'll help you organize your meals in advance, so they'll be easy to reach for the next day. They have dividers that'll keep your leafy greens separated from your protein.

    the container filled with food on a counter

    7. An electric makeup brush cleaner that'll wash and dry your brush in literally 30 seconds, saving you from having to do any extra work. Reviewers say it has saved them so much time from hand-scrubbing their brushes.

    someone using the brush cleaner

    8. A pair of mop slippers that'll lend you a helping hand (or foot) when it comes to dusting the floors. The elastic band means they're stretchy and adjustable to any shoe size.

    someone wearing the slippers over their shoes while holding a duster

    9. An electric scrubber with a precise little head that'll help you clean even the smallest surfaces in your house. Reviewers say it saves them from scrubbing stuff for hours.

    10. A drain snake so you can knock "call plumber" off your to-do list once and for all. It'll remove hair, soap buildup, and grime from your drain without damaging your pipes.

    someone using the snake in a drain

    11. An automatic pet feeder if the first thing to do on your checklist is "feed the cat." It'll dispense food for your fur baby up to four times per day, so you can focus on using your precious time to tackle the other stuff on your list.

    cat eating from the feeder

    12. A ~handy~ handheld steamer if you need to seriously de-wrinkle your clothes but don't feel like whipping out the ironing board. And since it's foldable, it'll be easy to pack away in your suitcase, too.

    13. A three-quart Instant Pot that'll do just about everything from pressure cooking to reheating your food when you're in a pinch and need a meal ASAP. It'll also save you from having to wash a zillion pots and pans!

    the instant pot on a harvest themed tabletop

    14. And a two-basket air fryer that'll get two dishes cooking at once, so dinner prep won't feel like a chore. You can cook them at different temperatures, too, so one dish won't end up overcooked before the other one finishes.

    a two-basket air fryer

    15. A folding board if you despise folding laundry and cannot fold a dang shirt if your life depended on it. With the help of this contraption, you'll become a pro in no time (and you might actually start to have fun with it... MAYBE).

    a pic of the folding board closed and a pic of it open and a pic of a folded shirt

    16. An electric hair trimmer that'll make it easy to keep things nice and maintained down there (or anywhere, really). It'll be way faster than shaving, so it'll save you a lot of time and hot water.

    a person removing the ceramic blade from the trimmer

    17. A pack of cleaning tablets that you can use to wash the inside of your travel mugs, water bottles, and any other tumbler that you can't quite shove your hand in. Reviewers say it successfully rids their cups of hard-to-remove residue (like tea and coffee stains).

    A person dropping a small cleaning tablet into their travel coffee mug

    18. A pack of three-pronged blind dusters that'll help you wipe down the top and bottom of two blinds at once — yes, take that in for a sec. Reviewers claim it's one of the biggest timesavers ever, and they love how you can just wash the sleeves when you're done.

    a person cleaning blinds with the duster

    19. A 5-in-1 tech cleaner that'll help you reach the crumbs stuck in the crevices of your keyboard so you can stop putting off cleaning it. It also includes a little tool that'll help you remove the nasty crud from your earbuds.

    20. And finally, a robot vacuum cleaner that'll do your dirty work for you, so you'll have one less thing to address. You can set a daily cleaning time through the app or start it up via Alexa.

    the vacuum on the floor

    Soon this will be your to-do list:

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