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    18 Things I Stumbled Across On Amazon Canada That You’ll Probably Want To Buy

    IDK about you, but my cart just keeps growing.

    1. A pack of daily affirmation cards if you need to be reminded of who the frick you are. Each card has an uplifting (and pretty blunt) message that'll boost your motivation so you can start the day off on the right foot.

    A person holding up a card with an affirmation on it

    2. A pair of fuzzy ball towels that'll dry your hands way faster than a regular towel, thanks to the super absorbent fabric. They're the perfect size for powder rooms and kitchens that don't have a lot of space.

    The towel balls hanging and someone using one

    3. A multipurpose cleansing powder that'll remove stubborn stains and grime off every surface in your house, from countertops to cooktops. Reviewers say it even removes utensil scratches, hazes, and weird glazes, so your surfaces will look brand spanking new.

    Someone's hand around the cleansing powder

    4. An ice roller that'll de-puff your face in the morning (and prep your skin for makeup!). It'll stay chilled for a super long time, so you can roll, roll, roll your cheeks and forehead for as long as you need to.

    5. An adjustable posture corrector that'll keep your shoulders in check when you're feeling too lazy to hold 'em up on your own (no shame, it happens). Reviewers say it's helped relieve back pain, too.

    Two people wearing the posture corrector while sitting at a desk

    6. An assortment of birthday cards if you constantly find yourself running out to grab one on your way to the function. They're blank inside, so you can customize 'em with heartfelt messages.

    The birthday cards and envelopes spread out on a carpet

    7. A set of chunky dome rings that are perfect for stacking with smaller bands. They're gold-plated, so you can trust that they won't turn your finger green.

    The three rings resting on a ledge

    8. A veggie brush that'll help you remove dirt from the deepest nooks and crannies of your produce. Reviewers say the bristles are soft, but tough, so you can scrub your potatoes without demolishing them.

    Someone using the brush to scrub a carrot

    9. A bottle of OPI cuticle oil that'll strengthen your nails and keep your surrounding skin soft and nourished (no hangnails pls!). Reviewers say the lil' dropper is helpful because it prevents a big oily mess.

    victoria holding a bottle of the cuticle oil in her fingers

    10. A set of cylinder-shaped wine glasses that look a lot chicer than regular ones for some reason. Reviewers say they feel a lot more expensive than they actually are and love that they hold a lot of vino, too.

    A person holding a glass with wine in it

    11. A pack of pearl barrettes that'll add a little ~zhuzh~ to any regular 'do, whether you style it up or down. Reviewers say they stay in place and can secure big chunks of hair, making them perfect for thick manes.

    A person with two pearl barrettes in their hair

    12. A pack of teeth-whitening pens that'll help keep your teeth white 'n' bright — and get rid of all those coffee stains! Reviewers say they *actually* make a noticeable difference, but won't leave you with blinding chompers (like Ronnie's from Jersey Shore, as one reviewer pointed out).

    Three of the teeth whitening pens beside the packaging

    13. A set of waistband extenders if your jeans are feelin' stiff and need a little more wiggle room. They'll simply pop on (no sewing required!) — which is very convenient when you're having a last-minute crisis over your fave pants not fitting right.

    The waistband extender on a pair of jeans

    14. A pair of AirPods ear hooks that'll stop your buds from slipping out of your ears whenever you bend over or lie down (major struggle). They'll adjust to comfortably fit so you won't even know they're there.

    The AirPod hooks on a pair of AirPod pros

    15. A pack of flower drain strainers that'll catch your shedding strands before they can build up and clog your shower drain. Thanks to these, you'll never have to junk up your bathroom with large hair catchers ever again.

    16. A clear lipstick holder that you can attach to your keys or even your belt loop when you don't feel like carrying a purse around, but can't go without your fave shade 💋.

    The lipstick holder with a tube of lipstick inside on a plain background

    17. A belt bag that'll hold all of your daily essentials while also allowing you to go hands-free. Reviewers say it's a spot-on dupe for the lululemon belt bag (and about half the price, too).

    A person wearing the belt bag with two different outfits and in two different ways

    18. And lastly, a windproof umbrella that'll open and close with the click of a button, so you can do it all with one hand. Since it's tres petite, it'll be an absolute dream to travel with.

    A person holding the umbrella in the rain

    What can I say? You're welcome.

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