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    If You’re A Single Pringle, Here Are 21 V-Day Gifts You Can Give To Your Galentines

    Because besties always have your back.

    1. A LANEIGE hydration set featuring their famous Lip Sleeping Mask, Water Sleeping Mask, and Cica Sleeping Mask. If your pals keep complaining about dry, textured skin, this gift set is calling their name.

    2. A copy of 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal that'll inspire them to focus on what makes them happy, whether it's their favourite feel-good films or their loved ones. Reviewers say it encourages them to do more of the things they enjoy in life.

    someone holding coffee and the book on their lap

    3. A pack of shower steamers infused with essential oils that'll make their showers feel like a luxurious spa experience. Reviewers say the scents are lovely and last the whole duration of their shower, too.

    the shower steamers against a plain background

    4. An electronic Sephora gift card that'll deliver right to their email address, so they can wake up to an exciting surprise on February 14th. Reviewers say it's a great last-minute gift and the purchasing process is super easy.

    5. A set of heart-shaped crystals for the witchy friend in your life. Whether they use them for meditation, manifesting, chakra balancing, or just as a decorative paperweight, these lil' thangs will look so dang cute in their home.

    someone holding the crystals in the palm of their hand

    6. A Tower 28 lip gloss and blush duo that'll leave their lips feelin' juicy and their cheeks lookin' flushed. Since they're free of mineral oils, silicones, and fragrances, you won't have to worry about them irritating your pal's skin.

    7. A copy of Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers & Feelers filled with inspiring messages for those who need a little more self-love in their life. Every poem is paired with another — one for the thinker, and one for the feeler.

    8. A travel jewellery case that'll keep their bits and baubles organized and, most importantly, detangled. Since it's so compact, it'll be convenient to take on trips, too.

    someone holding the jewellery case filled with jewellery pieces

    9. A set of Patchology rosé sheet masks that are best served chilled, just like their favourite bottle of vino. Reviewers say they're perfect for a girls' night (how fitting) and that they're refreshing and cooling on the skin.

    the box of sheet masks

    10. A Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Jet Set that includes travel sizes of the brand's famous cream, body wash, and body mist. It's basically the trio of everyone's dreams, and it'll leave them smelling irresistibly scrumptious, too.

    the products inside the travel bag beside luggage

    11. A cute heart-shaped notepad that'll remind your BFF that they simply rock. It's filled with blank pink pages, so they can write or doodle anything their heart desires.

    12. A game of We're Not Really Strangers Friendship Edition that's full of personal Qs that'll help deepen your bond with each other. It'll also help y'all reflect on fun memories and experiences together.

    someone holding up one of the cards in the card game

    13. A pair of heart-shaped mugs that they can fill up with caffeine whenever their heart is needing a lil' jumpstart. They're double-walled, so they won't feel scorching hot on their mitts.

    the mugs with one that has coffee in them

    14. A heated eyelash curler that'll actually keep their lashes lifted all day long. Some reviewers say that the curl even lasted until the next day!

    someone using the heated lash curler

    15. A copy of The Little Book of Ick that'll remind your pals why they should be thankful to be celebrating this V-Day with you instead of a cringey date. It's filled with 500 hilarious icks that'll make y'all giggle all night long.

    a person holding up the book

    16. A watery lip tint that'll give their pout a natural wash of colour when they don't feel like reaching for lipstick or gloss. Since it's water-based, it'll absorb into their lips and last a long time without rubbing off.

    someone holding the lip tint

    17. A cuticle oil that'll strengthen their talons and soothe the skin around them to prevent painful hangnails. They can now say goodbye to crispy, brittle nails because reviewers say this stuff is seriously moisturizing (and smells divine, too).

    someone holding the bottle of cuticle oil

    18. A monogram journal if you know they simply cannot resist cute stationery. This one is aesthetically pleasing and personalized, so, like, what's not to love? It also has a ribbon page marker that'll help 'em keep track of where they left off.

    the cover of the journal on a plain background

    19. A semi-permanent lash lift kit if they're getting real tired of the falsies and lash extensions but still crave some *oomph.* It'll perm their eyelashes and give them a natural-looking, long-lasting curl.

    the lash lift kit on a counter with necklaces on it

    20. A plumping lip mask if they constantly talk about wanting lip injections but may not have the moolah for it. It'll help smooth out their pout and keep it moisturized for up to 72 hours.

    21. And lastly, an exfoliating body polish that'll help rid them of all the ~narsty~ dead skin that harsh winter air has cursed their body with. Reviewers say it leaves their skin feeling soft, refreshed, and smooth as heck.

    the exfoliator beside almonds and fruit

    There's nothing better than celebrating 💕 love 💕 with your A1 day ones.

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