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    18 Amazon Canada Items That Are On Sale *Today* (You're Welcome)

    Now go and grab 'em before the sales end.

    1. 16% off a T-Fal 9-in-1 air fryer that'll allow you to roast, grill, bake, broil, dehydrate, toast, spit-roast, and reheat virtually anything. It also has eight pre-set modes, so you can get things cooking quickly when you're in a pinch.

    a rotisserie chicken in the air fryer

    2. 30% off wireless earbuds that'll play music for up to 10 hours on a single charge. They also have three noise-cancelling modes that'll adjust to the environment you're in (indoors, outdoors, or in transit).

    3. Up to 30% off a Cuisinart knife block set that has all of the kitchen swords you'll need, plus a sharpening steel and a pair of shears. Reviewers say they're very sharp and that they don't rust in the dishwasher, either.

    the knife block next to a charcuterie board

    4. 32% off an elliptical machine for the days when you don't feel like hitting up the gym but still wanna close those rings 💪🏻. It has non-slip handlebars and pedals, so you won't have to worry about a sweaty grip or unstable feet.

    someone on the elliptical in a living room

    5. 32% off a Paw Patrol play mat that'll transform into a storage box for toys once the kiddos are done using it. It also comes with a few extra toys that they can play with on the mat.

    6. 32% off a mini fridge where you can store everything from your skincare to a couple of cans of Coke and some lil' snacks for when you get peckish. Not only will it keep things cool, but you can also use it to warm things up thanks to the heating mode.

    the fridge in a pile of grass and flowers

    7. Up to 37% off a label printer that'll come in clutch for your small business needs (or frequent online shopping returns). Reviewers say it was very easy to set up, and they love that they've saved a ton of money on printer ink.

    a label printer and stickers

    8. 29% off a pack of fine-point Sharpie markers in an array of colours that'll be super fun to draw with. The ink dries on paper quickly, meaning it won't budge (so you won't end up with a rainbow smudged onto the side of your hand).

    someone colouring a picture with a sharpie

    9. 15% off a mini electric fireplace that'll imitate a real firewood scene and can also produce low heat for when things get chilly. And you won't have to worry about burning yourself on it since the exterior will never get hot.

    the fireplace on while on a floor

    10. Up to 37% off a quirky cotton tote bag with a zipper, so you can keep everything safe 'n' secure. Reviewers say it holds a lot, so you can stuff it full of textbooks, groceries, you name it.

    someone holding the tote bag

    11. 41% off a Ring doorbell camera so you can peep who's at your door without having to get up. It also has a two-way audio feature that'll let you speak to your delivery person to let 'em know you'll be down in a jiffy.

    people waving at the ring

    12. 20% off a flip-top end table with a built-in charging station, so you won't have to stretch in weird positions to use your phone while it's plugged into a faraway outlet. And since it has two outlets and two USB ports, you can charge multiple devices at once.

    13. 22% off a mini Keurig coffee maker that'll whip you up a quick cup of java with the click of a button. Plus, you won't have to spend half your time waiting in long Starbucks drive-thru lines.

    a slim single serve keurig machine

    14. Up to 26% off a duffel bag with a separate compartment for shoes, so your dirty soles won't touch your clean clothes. It'll hold all of your necessities and then some (plus, it's a stellar dupe for the Béis Weekender Bag).

    a three-way picture of people wearing the weekender bag

    15. 20% off an eyelash comb that'll separate your lashes if your mascara is looking a lil' too clumpy for your liking. The bristles are super close together, which will give you more of a natural, fluttery look.

    the eyelash comb close to someone's closed eye

    16. 29% off a pack of smart bulbs so you can play around with the ~vibes~ depending on your mood. With the help of the free companion app you'll be able to adjust the colour, brightness, and tone.

    three pics of a lamp with the different settings of the light bulbs

    17. 23% off a tabletop fire pit so you can roast marshmallows to perfection without having to spark up a bonfire. It can be transported anywhere, meaning you can use it both indoors and outdoors (and it can be taken on trips!).

    the tabletop fire pit on top of an outdoor table with fire coming out

    18. And finally, 17% off a Fire TV Stick that works with voice commands, so you can tell Alexa to fetch your fave flick if your hands are too busy in the popcorn bowl. All of your streaming services will be in one place, so you'll no longer have to waste time sifting through different apps.

    Melina holding the Fire TV Stick

    Might as well grab them while they're discounted!

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