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10 Things You Think On Sunday Featuring Your Favorite Sunday Kweens

Sunday again? Really?

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When you wake up and think it's Monday then realize it's only Sunday and you can go back to sleep

You wake up with that feeling of dread. Was it the tequila from last night? Wait, do I have work right now? Whew okay Sunday...Sunday is okay

When you wake up for real and realize it's Sunday

Not Monday but wait could it be...ALREADY?! Sunday, you roller coaster of emption how dare you?!

When you realize you told your mom you might go to church with her but you just made it to the bathroom and realized you didn't even take your makeup off from last night

One eyelash on your cheek, the other is probably in your hair. The Kylie lip kit sure holds up...

When you get that brunch text from your friends and try to tell yourself Sunday might not be so bad after all

Okay, okay Sunday your not so bad. I mean mimosas right. Yeah, this is fine.

When your work friend texts you something about a meeting tomorrow and reminds you what a monster Sunday really is

Son of a Witch, Karen can't this wait until tomorrow it's Sunday for goodness sake?!?!

When you know you really should get yourself prepped for that meeting tomorrow but you can't because the internet

Shit did you do any work on Friday? Probably wouldn't hurt to take a peek at those emails but then again these Ellen clips are so hilarious and you can't actually watch Ellen because of that monster of a job your forced to have. They owe you.

When you realize Sunday is almost over and the thought of work tomorrow has you considering alternative money earning options

5pm looks like 10pm and you have to get up extra early? Google: How much do strippers make?

When Keeping up with the Kardashians comes on so you almost forgive Sunday for being such a biotch

The Kardashians are amazing. I mean you don't get new episodes on Saturdays. Okay, this if fine, it's not even that late.

The Kardashians are amazing. I mean you don't get new episodes on Saturdays. Okay, this if fine, it's not even that late.

When it's time for bed and you realize it's all over and doom is upon you

Okay well, grim reaper take me now...

Welp, enjoy those last few minutes of Sunday while you still can because the only thing worse than Sunday is...Monday

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