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What Are The Best Problem-Solving Products Every Pet Owner Should Own?

We want to know what your must-have pet products are.

Has your life been blessed by a beloved pet? If so, we want to hear what products you swear by for solving that one problem that nothing else could fix.

It could be an allergy supplement (like this one from Zesty Paws) for your poor pooch who literally only has to breathe before developing a dozen itchy hot spots.

Maybe it's a dander-reducing spray because your senior cat has trouble washing themselves.

Or what about a product that made cleaning up after your accident-prone pet a breeze — like these stain-removing pads you just stomp on to activate?

And speaking of messes, it could even be a really great vacuum that sucks up every 👏 single 👏 piece 👏 of 👏 fur, like this devastatingly effective handheld vac.

Whatever it is — be it an indestructible toy that keeps them busy for hours, a nail trimmer that even the most skittish pet can put up with, or something your bird, goat, snake, or rabbit loves — we want to know! Tell us what that product is and why you love it, and we may feature your response in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!