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    27 Problem-Solving Products That Reviewers Said Actually Did What They Advertised

    Including an earbuds cleaning kit (that works with AirPods) because we know yours are filthy....don't lie.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. nail repair pen because your discolored, dry, brittle fingernails and toenails aren't ready for summer manis and pedis just yet.

    Promising review: "Product worked as advertised. I have tried a few different products for nail fungus and none of them have worked. This product seems to have done the trick. I am really happy with the results." —CharlieB

    Get two pens from Amazon for $16.99.

    2. An air purifier for anyone who's felt personally victimized by seasonal allergies. This bad boy removes dander, mold, dust, and pollen in the air to help you breathe better.

    The air purifier in white sitting next to a nightstand
    Reviewer photo of the filter showing how much dust it picked up

    Promising review: "I'd never heard of this brand before but love their product now. Immediately this air freshener worked as advertised. I felt the air in my room was fresh. I have many cats and was grateful for the feeling of clean air around me. The product looks to be very well made and very nice to look at. Easy to set up, easy to use. I hope for many reliable years." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $80.90+ (also available in white).

    3. A pet hair remover if you're tired of getting fur all over your clothes. Roll it over your couch, bed, favorite blanket, you name it, and watch it lift the fur away. See, we can own nice things!!

    Promising review: "I expected it to be good, but this hair remover is unbelievable!! I had cat hair all over a new bedspread in a spare bedroom. I had no idea my cat was sleeping in there at night. When I saw this I tried to clean it myself, I thought it was a lost cause. It is more expensive than other hair removal items that are shown. I figured if it is as good as what I saw it would be worth every penny. Well, it is as advertised. No sticky tape, no batteries easy to use and clean. I and extremely happy with my purchase! I plan to recommend this to my son who has three dogs. This would make a nice Christmas present..." —Larry N. Covington

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

    4. A black car scratch remover to get rid of any reminders of the time you accidentally swiped the mailbox when you pulled into the driveway. It's also a much cheaper alternative to driving to the auto shop.

    Before photo of car with white scratches around the tire
    Same car that looks brand new and has no noticeable scratches

    Promising review: "Easy to apply with a little elbow grease. Does a very good job removing swirls and light scratches. I used the black/dark paint version and it worked very well on my Kia Stinger. Left a nice polished looking surface and filled in the small imperfections. It even improved a deep scratch I had on the side and made it less visible. It completely removed a mark where a rubber bike handle had rubbed against the car and dulled the paint. Works as advertised and is really pretty easy to apply." —AudioJunkie

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    5. A cruelty free vitamin C serum that'll give your skin a much-needed pick-me-up. Just listen to the 44,000+ people who gave it a 5-star review: this stuff brightens, softens, and dramatically fades hyperpigmentation.

    A reviewer with dark skin showing the serum lightened the acne scars on their forehead and cheeks until they were basically gone
    Progression photos showing redness and acne on reviewer's cheeks is reduced on day 2 and day 4

    Promising review: "Works as advertised. I find it makes the dark marks disappear much quicker after a breakout. I bought this for mild under eye wrinkles and have definitely seen the difference. Been using it for two months or so and now it's part of my holy grail products. I also noticed that I have had less breakouts since I started using this product." —M. Russell

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    6. A mini inflatable pool so you can make your summery dreams of relaxing in a pool with a glass of sweet tea a reality — even if you have a small backyard.

    a reviewer filling the rectangular blue pool with a hose
    a reviewer laying in a pool float in the pool

    Promising review: "On 85-degree hot and sunny days, you just need to have a pool. This inflatable pool is heavy duty. Great quality, very safe, and we love that the walls are high enough where our 1-year-old bull dozer can not get out (unlike the other pirate kiddy pool we have that she would just climb right out of it a million times, which was beyond exhausting). The pool honestly is a 10-star pool. Worth every penny. We dump the water after every use, and clean it with soap and a soft car brush. Just easy unlike the maintenance of a real pool. You will not regret getting this. Just sit in relax in the water on a beautiful sunny day. What more can you ask for?" —Ashley Vallejo

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

    7. A manual food chopper because it can slice and dice fruits, veggies, herbs, boneless meats, and ice with ease *and* without taking up a lot of space on your counters or hurting your ears with its shrieking mechanical whirring.

    It's also dishwasher-safe (top rack only!) so cleanup is easy peasy.

    Promising review: "This magic little gizmo does exactly what the product info says it will do. It is fast, easy, safe, and super easy to clean up. Dice a whole onion in literally seven seconds. Just peel the onion, rough chop into quarters, put the lid on and pull the handle. The more pulls you do on it, the finer the dice gets. Just stop, look at your diced food, and see if you are finished or want to give it one or two more pulls. Just rinse with soap and warm water. Done. I've even taken a class in knife skills but I am famous for slicing one or more digits wide open every week. No more band-aids for me!! I've diced onions of all sorts, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, celery, firm tomatoes, olives, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and even bread for bread crumbs. You won't regret this purchase." —Ava

    Get it from Amazon for $15.12+ (also available in green).

    8. An acne patch for those days when a pimple pops up at the *worst* possible moment. Hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula oil are gentle on the skin while still drawing out fluids and pus from your pimple.

    Reviewer photo of square acne patch that is filled with pimple discharge
    Reviewer photo of cheeks with dark red acne scars and breakouts
    Same reviewer's cheeks, which are now a more even skin tone and free of almost all breakouts

    Promising review: "These did exactly what they said they would. I had a rather large acne area breakout under my chin. Overnight it nearly disappeared! I will say these are best on spots with a whitehead as they work by drawing the yucky stuff out. I will definitely be getting these again." —Heather E Tapp

    Get 40 round patches from Amazon for $7.79 (also available in XL square patches).

    Our in-depth review of Avarelle's acne patches gets into the nitty-gritty — why they work, how to use them, and why 29,000+ people can't stop raving about them.

    9. A heavy-duty grout cleaner if you want to give your floors a jaw-dropping makeover à la Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries. The dirt will just disappear. IDK what else to tell you.

    Reviewer's white tile and dark gray grout
    The same section of tile but the grout is now white

    Promising review: "I would give this product 10 stars if I could. My grout was disgusting and I thought I would never be able to get it truly clean. This product really works! It was fast and easy to use." —Matt Staggs

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    10. A multi-use skincare oil to treat a variety of issues, including uneven skin, stretch marks, and acne scars. It helps your body retain moisture (bye bye dry skin!) and absorbs into the skin fast so you won't feel greasy.

    Promising review: "This oil is wonderful. It smells amazing, has a perfect consistency, and makes my skin smooth and not greasy — just as advertised. Will absolutely purchase again." —Holly Anger

    Get it from Amazon for $8.89+ (available in three sizes).

    11. A drain clog remover that'll conquer the hair monster in your shower drain, simultaneously impressing and disgusting you. Or you can let the hair glob remain in the pipes and at some point your shower will turn into a bath. Fun!

    Promising review: "I tried to unclog my sink with drain cleaner...lots of money down the drain and it didn’t work. In less than a minute, I unclogged my bathroom sink with this inexpensive orange little snake! I just slipped the snake all the way down the drain, twisted it around, and pulled out a mass of hair and gunk. Instant draining. The snake is very long and went deep into the pipe. The snake can also be cleaned and reused, if you don’t mind pulling off the debris. If not, just toss and use the others that come in the package at a later time. It’s so rare to find products that work as advertised. This clever tool saved me money and the hassle of taking apart the pipes or calling a plumber. I highly recommend." —Lil' Lulu

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $11.88.

    12. A bleach-free, no-scrub weekly shower spray so soap scum and shower grime buildup goes bye bye without you ever having to wipe. Rinse it clean the next day, and you'll be amazed to see those hard water stains on your shower door are *poof* gone.

    Before: a dirty shower floor; after: the clean shower floor

    Promising review: "We cannot BEGIN to tell you what a lifesaver this is! We have two old fiberglass tubs with vinyl shower enclosures that no matter what amount of scrubbing we have done with everything from bleach to cleanser to vinegar and baking soda would NOT come clean. After I took my shower last night, I sprayed down the tub and walls. Within minutes, all the built-up water deposits and dirt and grime began to melt away in front of my eyes. I left it on overnight, and when I got up this morning, it did not look like the same tub and shower. This product is a godsend, especially for old folks like us who have difficulty getting down on our hands and knees and scrubbing anything. More importantly, it performs as advertised. We plan on using it as part of our weekly cleanup routine, in addition to purchasing the Wet and Forget Mold and Mildew Remover for use on the vinyl siding of our house. This is truly an overnight sensation!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $16.94.

    13. A denture cleaner because, despite brushing your retainer each night, it's somehow coated in some weird white film. These fizzing tablets will blast away odor-causing bacteria, discoloration, and plaque from your Invisalign, retainers, dentures, night guards, and more.

    Reviewer's Invisalign, which look slightly yellow
    The same Invisalign looking significantly cleaner

    Promising review: "This worked extremely well with both a retainer and a night guard. The process is really simple and soaking them for 15 minutes removes the discoloration that has built up over time. I like the individually wrapped tablets to take with me when I am traveling again. The mint flavor is ever so slight after soaking and rinsing them. I have not tried any other cleaner other than brushing, but, these work as advertised and I am very happy with finding this product." —Keith L

    Get 120 tablets from Amazon for $21.99.

    14. A pack of food spikes for forgetful gardeners who can't remember the last time they fed their plants. Good thing these lil' guys will nourish your plants for up to two months continuously.

    Fingers pushing plant food spike into a pot

    Promising review: "This works just as advertised. 10/10 will buy again. No ragrets, not even a single letter." —Kiki

    Get 96 spikes from Amazon for $11.18.

    15. A Schick Silk dermaplaning razor if the thought of trimming your brows reminds you of the horrible time in middle school that you accidentally shaved off half your eyebrow. Thankfully this has a precision cover to prevent such mishaps.

    Close-up of reviewer's razor showing the peach fuzz it removed
    Another reviewer holding a cotton pad with a large ball of peach fuzz they shaved from their face

    Promising review: "Performed as advertised. I have RA and plucking was painful but, these are perfect." —No

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $4.99.

    16. An earbud cleaning kit to lift the crusty goop that's dulling your AirPods' sound quality. You'll thank me when you're no longer getting Apple alerts that your headphones are too loud for too long.

    Promising review: "Very great product that does exactly what it says it does: cleans the pods without ruining them!" —jana

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    17. A citrus-scented deodorizing spray that'll make it look (and smell!) like your pet's accident just *poof* never happened.

    Cream carpet with brown stain on it
    The same carpet with no stains

    Promising review: "This product lives up to its advertisement by eliminating the odor and leaving behind a nice citrusy scent. You can’t tell I have two cats. I’m buying more just for bathroom use." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $20.97.

    18. An allergy supplement so you're not distracted and annoyed by your dog constantly scratching and licking themselves. These soft chews are great for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies, and they deliver a dose of probiotics and other nutrients to help improve immune function, aide digestion, promote healthy skin, and add shine to a dog's coat.

    Reviewer before and after photos showing the allergy supplements helped treat their dog's bald patches
    Before photo of a dog with a red, irritated belly
    Same reviewer's dog after taking the allergy supplements, which calmed the dog's skin and made it less red

    Promising review: "I have a boxer who was always licking his paws. He's been eating two or three of these a day and he seems to like them a lot. I have not noticed any licking for a few weeks now. This product does what it says and my dog thinks they are treats. So easy to give to him. I'm thinking about subscribing so these come on a regular basis — they are that good!" —Val Borko

    Get them from Amazon for $25.96 (or Subscribe & Save for $23.36/month).

    19. Some washing machine cleaning tablets that clean and freshen the inside while dissolving residue because you keep your washing machine open when it's not in use yet it still smells moldy. What gives?

    models hand dropping 1/4c-ish size tablet into washer

    They're safe to use with pretty much any type of washer: HE or regular, top-loading and front-loading.

    Promising review: "Works as advertised. My washer hadn’t been cleaned since I bought it. It was starting to smell bad and get gunk in it. Did several back to back clean cycles with this stuff, problem solved. Now we just have to maintain it once every month." —mitchdrip

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $11.98.

    20. A foot file for getting your heels in sandal-ready condition. Rub gently and watch the dead skin and calluses fall like shredded cheese to reveal baby soft heels.

    Promising review: "I'm not one to talk about my feet. I've had circulation problems for years that are just now resolving and that has lead to deep callouses on the heel of both feet. I bought this on a whim as I have tried other products in the past with no luck. Twenty minutes later I'm touching baby smooth skin where there used to be deep cracks and rough broken skin. This thing is a miracle worker and if I could rate it 10 stars I would." —Gully176

    "It works exactly as advertised. It is SHARP; you must be very careful and try it lightly at first until you understand just how sharp this bad girl is. Crusty heels, you've met your match and then some..." —TK

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    21. A shelf liner with locking tabs if you're tired of buying taco seasoning packets even though you're pretty sure you bought one last week. Psst! There's a good chance you did buy one and it just fell through the wire shelves and is lying on the ground in the back of your pantry.

    Hand snapping the tab so it's locked onto the shelf

    Promising review: "Works as advertised. Creates a smooth shelf with no need to worry about falling debris from one shelf to the other. Great product!" —Informed customer

    Get a 10-foot roll from Amazon for $17.25.

    22. An electrical outlet cover with a power strip that'll hide cluttered cords stat. It's also pretty great if you want to push your furniture right up against the wall but can't because your phone charger adapter is in the way.

    Before photo of reviewer's cords preventing them from pushing their bed against the wall next to an after photo of all the cords hidden thanks to the new outlet cover
    Before photo of a reviewer's messy cords in the kitchen and an after photo of the same outlet but all the cords are neatly hidden

    Promising review: "This item was exactly as advertised. I bought the universal size because i was unsure of the fit for my outlet and it was a perfect fit. I love that this is such a clean look. It makes baby proofing look so much cleaner and less bulky. Definitely will be ordering a couple more for around the house." —Mary Ma

    Get it from Amazon for $23.95+ (available in four lengths).