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    24 Pieces Of Outdoor Furniture That Reviewers Say Were So Easy To Set Up

    We'll be WFH (working from hammock) from now on. Thank you so much for understanding.

    1. A mini inflatable pool so you can make your summery dreams of relaxing in a pool with a glass of sweet tea a reality — even if you have a small backyard.

    2. Or a dog/kiddie pool to withstand kids and dogs roughhousing. It's portable and folds down so you can store it in the garage for next summer.

    Reviewer's large dog relaxing in the pool with plenty of room leftover

    3. A glider porch swing with a weather-resistant polyester canopy that'll fit some friends when you feel like sharing. Or spread out across the three seats with a book and a drink!

    Reviewer photo of their glider in brown on a porch

    4. An inflatable lounge chair because it's big enough to seat multiple people comfortably yet it takes up barely any weight — just 2.65 pounds to be exact — in your camping backpack. Inflating it will take a little bit of getting used to (basically, you have to run around to fill it with air), but it'll stay inflated for at least five to six hours.

    reviewer laying in purple inflated chair

    5. A zero gravity lounge chair if regular outdoor chairs make sitting comfortably near impossible. The design of this seat helps improve your posture while reducing pressure on your body so you can chill on your back porch for hours without pain.

    Reviewer photo of their blue chair

    6. A splurge-worthy pop-up tent for creating a spacious shelter that allows you and up to seven other people to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

    The pop-up tent, which is completely see through

    7. A portable 100-inch movie screen so your family's outdoor movie night isn't ruined by the little one in the back whining, "I can't see the screen!" It's lightweight yet sturdy, large enough for everyone (and probably the neighbors) to see, and reviewers say setup takes mere minutes.

    Reviewer photo of the screen in a backyard

    8. A hammock chair to turn your porch into an oasis. It can support up to 320 pounds, and has built-in pockets so all your relaxation essentials are always nearby.

    9. A three-piece furniture set that'll provide a cushy place to land after a long day at work. Unwinding with a glass of wine on the patio sounds pretty fun if you ask me.

    Three-piece dark brown rattan chairs with matching end table

    10. A balcony bar because you want to enjoy the breeze and sunlight but your itty bitty balcony is trying to ruin your fun.

    The wood bar attached to balcony railing

    11. An adorable and lightweight bistro set if you wanna bring major Parisian street vibes to your backyard. Oh la la! It's easy to fold and store if you have limited space and don't want them set up all the time. And they're designed to be rust resistant so they'll last should you leave 'em outside year-round.

    12. A walnut outdoor dog house for keeping your pup protected from the sun while they join you in the backyard.

    Triangle-shaped dog house with cushion inside

    13. A mesh cot so your pupperino stays cool when they're hanging out with you in the backyard.

    two dogs sitting on elevated dog beds on a patio

    14. A bamboo mason bee house to encourage this buzzing pollinator to hang out in your garden — and fertilize your flowers, fruit and nut trees, and berry plants. OK, so it's not technically human furniture, but it is bee furniture.

    Reviewer photo of the bee house, which is made with pre-rolled tubes that give bees plenty of small places to nest

    15. A hanging curved lounge chair that'll keep you shaded and comfy as you chill by the pool. Now's the perfect time (and this is the perfect place) to curl up and crack open that book you said you were going to read.

    Reviewer sitting on the curved blue chair next to a pool

    16. A pair of lounge chairs and ottomans because you and your S.O. wanna relax together after dinner but not actually have to share the same seat. Put your feet up and enjoy each other's company without complaining that someone is hogging the seat.

    High back black rattan chairs with teal cushion and matching ottoman

    17. A hammock with a stand if you don't have time to wait for the trees in your backyard to grow. This adjustable swing comes with a handy carrying case and has a respectable 450-pound weight limit so multiple people can hop in it.

    Model reading in the hammock

    18. A modern rocking chair for maintaining your perfectly curated aesthetic while providing some much-needed outdoor seating options.

    Light brown wood rockers with white padding

    19. Or a classic wooden rocking chair so you can rock comfortably from your porch while judging the goings-on of your neighbors. (Side note: I cannot see rocking chairs without thinking of Cracker Barrel, so now I'm craving their hash brown casserole, which is truly an S tier side and you can fight me on that.)

    20. A water-resistant portable stadium seat with a mesh seatback pocket to make you laugh at the rest of us plebs sitting on cold hard bleachers for hours at a sports game.

    The seat

    21. An oversized Adirondack chair with a cup holder that'll provide ample space for you, your blanket, your book, your tablet, your pup, and your drink.

    22. A classic umbrella because spending hours outside enjoying the weather is definitely on your summer to-do list. Getting sunburned? Not so much.

    23. Or an offset umbrella with an 11-foot vented canopy made with water-resistant fabric and built-in UV protection if you have a lot of ground that needs shade.

    24. A very practical sunshade triangle so you can create some much-needed shade. This airy shade lets the breeze pass through while shielding you from up to 95% of the sun's rays.

    The sunshade

    You after assembling your new outdoor furniture by yourself: