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    25 Gorgeous Home Furnishings From Verishop That May Inspire You To Redecorate

    Hmm 15% off you say? I guess I could have a look... *proceeds to add everything to cart*

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    *taps microphone* Ladies and gentleman, I have a very important announcement to make:

    It is with great pleasure that I am here to share with you all an ~exclusive~ discount code for 15% off Verishop β€” your new go-to online store for all your favorite designer goods.

    SNL Studios

    The correct answer is yes, you do, in fact, love luxury β€” which is great because you're about to add a lot of it to your life. Now's the time to satisfy your redecorating itch with a discount on everything from a new winter duvet to incense burners.

    How can one secure such goodies, you ask. All you do is enter the code "A-BUZZFEED15" at checkout and you're a day away from being able to change your middle name to "fancy pants."

    Oh! I almost forgot to mention that every order comes with one-day shipping!

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    Psst! This deal is valid from now until the end of September, so get those debit cards ready!

    To help you get started, we've rounded up a few of our favorite Verishop home furnishings that are basically the definition of luxurious.

    1. A percale fitted sheet to replace the ones you've been using since college. Percale cotton is soft and cool on the skin while also being breathable β€” a necessity if you're a hot sleeper.


    Don't forget the matching flat sheet!

    Price: $45.90 (originally $54, available in four sizes and three colors)

    2. A super soft chunky cotton throw that'll ~blanket~ you like a warm hug. Curling up on the couch with this and watching Netflix suddenly sounds a lot more enticing than a night out where I'll kill my feet in too-tight heels and probably forget where I parked at least twice.


    Price: $106.25 (originally $125, also available in gray)

    3. A cozy hypoallergenic winter duvet so there's plenty of warmth for both you and your blanket-stealing partner. It's made of bamboo, which is known for its antibacterial properties. And! It's a surprisingly breathable fabric so you won't wake up in a pool of sweat and damp sheets.


    Price: $187 (originally $220, available in two sizes)

    4. A set of striped cotton shams that'll add just the right amount of color to your all-white bedding.


    Price: $38.25 (originally 45, available in two sizes and two colors)

    5. A furry lumbar pillow for back support. When it's not helping keep your spine aligned properly, it looks just as fabulous on your bed as a decorative pillow.


    Price: $86.70 (originally $102, also available in champagne)

    6. A Moroccan-inspired cotton pillow cover so you feel like you're on vacation whenever you sit on your couch.


    This is just the cover, so you'll want to get the proper pillow insert, too!

    Price: $32.30 (originally $38)

    7. A bright tasseled embroidered cushion cover that'll cheer you up just by looking at it.


    Price: $46.75 (originally $55)

    8. A 100% cotton terry towel for drying off after a relaxing bath or for sunbathing at the beach if you're lucky to live somewhere it's warm year-round (I'm looking at you, Florida).


    Price: $57.80 (originally $68, available in four colors)

    9. A set of cotton washcloths that'll feel so soft and luxurious on your skin as you furiously scrub at your makeup. Curse you waterproof mascara!


    Price: $15.30 for a set of four (originally $18, also available in moonbeam)

    10. A minimalist incense burner to keep your apartment smelling fresh, even if your roommates (thanks a lot, Fido!) aren't.


    Price: $25.50 (originally $30)

    11. A mini, travel-friendly candle that'll remind you of Sunday morning walks through the farmers market. Its main notes are pear, bergamot, jasmine, and gardenia.


    Price: $12.75 (originally $15)

    12. A wick trimmer to prevent those annoying smoke stains on the sides of your candles. Keeping your wicks at an ideal length β€” 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch β€” means you'll get a cleaner burn.


    Price: $29.75 (originally $35)

    13. And a candle snuffer for extinguishing flames without blowing hot wax over everything. It comes with a dust bag but it's so beautiful that you'll just want to leave it sitting out for your guests to admire.


    Price: $34 (originally $40)

    14. A set of raffia placemats you'll want at your next dinner party to protect your table from food stains and water marks.


    Price: $15.30 for two (originally $18)

    15. A pair of brass serving spoons that'll make the perfect hostess gift β€” unless you keep them for yourself.


    Price: $63.75 (originally $75)

    16. A set of napkin rings to instantly elevate your dinner party. You could serve me mac 'n' cheese with a plastic fork and I would still think you're the epitome of classy for having napkin rings.


    Price: $33.15 for a set of six (originally $39)

    17. A basket planter for holding the plants you've managed to keep alive (although it's great for holding other things, too!). And! The inside is lined to prevent dirt from spilling everywhere.


    Price: $15.30+ (originally $18, available in two sizes)

    18. A geometric mini raffia bowl to catch all your small jewelry and random bits and bobs. There's a loop on the back that makes for easy hanging, too.


    Price: $30.60 (originally $36)

    19. A set of soapstone coasters that'll last you so much longer than the cardboard ones.


    Price: $93.50 for a set of four (originally $110)

    20. Or, felt coasters so your tables stay free of water damage. The bright blue and red add a nice pop of color to any room.


    Price: $20.40 for four (originally $24)

    21. A wool tissue box cover for the person who demands that everything in their home adheres to their ~aesthetic~. No colorful tissue boxes in this apartment!


    Price: $28.90 (originally $34)

    22. A rosy soapstone vase you'll always use as an excuse to treat yourself to fresh flowers. What are you supposed to do? Just not enjoy this beautiful vase?


    Price: $102 (originally $120)

    23. A framed print of the ocean that'll add some zen to your room. Plus! Underprivileged art students receive a portion of the funds of each sale.


    Price: $127.50 (originally $150, also available in black frame)

    24. A curved bookend set to add some character to your bookshelves, which are currently stocked with novels left over from college that you couldn't sell back. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


    Price: $123.25 (originally $145)

    25. A luxe room spray that'll make you feel like you just walked into a fancy study when in reality it's a living room filled with IKEA furniture.


    Price: $182.75 (originally $215)

    Check out the rest of Verishop's offerings β€” which include big name fashion and beauty brands β€” and be sure to enter our exclusive code "A-BUZZFEED15" at checkout for 15% off everything.

    You after redecorating with things from this list:


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