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    11 Adulting Moments That Feel Really Rude in Your Early 20s

    Why did no one tell us it would be like this?

    1. Waking up in the middle of the night in a panic because you didn’t pay your credit card bill

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    Except you did. You also set up auto-pay, and the bill isn’t even due for three weeks. But, hey, since you're up, do you want to think about embarrassing moments from your childhood?

    2. Picking out your work clothes the night before because those few extra minutes in the morning save you from being late

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    Don't forget to add "do laundry" to your to-do list.

    3. When you’re shopping and you calculate how many hours and minutes you had to work in order to make this purchase.

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    *Cue carefully placing the item back on the shelf.*

    4. Feeling a lot of pressure to start saving for retirement. But you’re an intern. Getting paid by the hour. With no benefits

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    Not living paycheck to paycheck... Can you imagine?

    5. Justifying spending too much money on your caffeinated iced-coffee beverage so you don't hate your life

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    The Starbucks employees know you by name, and the terror in their eyes looks familiar. Where have you seen that before? Oh, yeah. The mirror.

    6. Creating a to-do list for the week and then realizing you’ve written down the same exact things for a couple of weeks now

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    You'll do it next week? Sure.

    7. Realizing that the rest of your life will basically just be sitting in front of a computer screen

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    All day. Every day. For so many years to come.

    8. Hoping that your parents will keep you on their Netflix accounts forever

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    Netflix and chill just ain't the same when you have to see your parents' names on the TV.

    9. Getting way too excited when there isn't as much traffic as usual for your morning commute into the office

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    It's the small things in life like dealing with fewer people that really put a smile on my face.

    10. Wondering how much longer you can keep showing your student ID card after graduation to get the student discounts

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    Remember the person on the ID card that you used to be? They had no idea what was coming. They had no idea.

    11. And perhaps the rudest of all… looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday, but your biological clock gets you up in time to make it into the office that you don't have to go into

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    And yet the biological clock mysteriously stops working Monday through Friday. Isn't that cute?

    What are your least favorite parts of navigating your early 20s?

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    Sound off in the comments below. 👇