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27 Reasons To Drop Everything And Explore Turkey

Go ahead, spend your life savings on plane tickets and baklava.

1. First off, not only is Turkey overwhelmingly gorgeous, its cities and landscapes are also incredibly diverse.

2. Where else can you start your weekend on a ski slope...

...and end it with a dip in the Mediterranean?

3. Although the Black Sea is pretty great, too.

4. There are mountains to climb.

Like, really large mountains.

5. And islands to explore.

6. Along with lakes that will take your breath away.

7. Turkey has monasteries overlooking valleys.

And monasteries built into mountains.

Turkey actually has entire cities built into mountains.

8. Because there's no better way to catch the sunrise than in a hot-air balloon.

9. And where else could you find a five-star hotel in a cave?

10. Turkish towns are adorably picturesque.

11. Even (especially?) when they're partly underwater.

12. Its mosques are breathtaking on the inside...

...and on the outside.

13. And nearly every Turkish city has its own castle.

14. It's where the world's ancient empires once met.

And where every religion has left a mark.

15. So the entire country is basically one giant archaeological treasure.

16. From Ephesus in the west...

17. To Ani in the east.

Literally, beautiful archaeological sites everywhere.

18. Turkey's cities were once home to prophets.

19. And poets.

20. Its loveliest city, Istanbul, spans two continents.

Really, you could write entire articles about the beauty that is Istanbul.

21. And the world's last divided city is only a ferry ride away.

22. Turkey will bring out your inner adventurer.

23. But it's also a great place to relax and recharge.

24. We haven't even discussed the food.

25. Turkey does breakfast like no one else.

26. Plus, baklava.

27. And everyone needs a souvenir from the Grand Bazaar.

There's just no place like it on earth.

So pack your bags.