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Can Fox News Survive Without Roger Ailes?

"He was a towering figure and a twisty figure."

Meg Cramer • One year ago

Here's Why You Should Listen To This Podcast About Being Muslim In America

From Mahershala Ali to airport security...and of course, chai.

Meg Cramer • 2 years ago

Steve King Says The "Greatest Danger To A Black Man In America Is Another Black Man"

The Iowa Congressman was discussing Black Lives Matter with BuzzFeed News.

Meg Cramer • 2 years ago

Meet The Women Who Run The Raddest Non-Girl Scout Troop Around

These middle school-aged girls are already shaping the future of feminism.

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

Listen To Lena Dunham Interview Her Mom, Artist Laurie Simmons

"I think I’ve thought about dying every single day of my life since I’ve learned what dying is."

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

For People Who Need More Uzo Aduba In Their Lives

Believe in magic, right there in your heart.

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

Zadie Smith's Productivity Tips Will Make You A More Focused Person

Step 1: Turn off the internet. Step 2: Write.

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

Hearing These Women Talk About Romance Will Make You Want To Text Your Crush

There's a new episode of Women Of The Hour and it made our hearts beat a little faster.

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

Listen To Women Talk Honestly About Loving Their Bodies

"Sorry to be a bitch, but I’m not going to apologize for my size."

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

11 Podcast Episodes That *Might* Help You Get Your Shit Together

This will be the year you do your taxes in March, like the grown-ass adult you are.

Julia Furlan • 3 years ago

11 Quotes About Friendship That Will Make You Text Your BFF

Check out the first episode of BuzzFeed's podcast, Women Of The Hour, hosted by Lena Dunham and featuring Emma Stone, June Squibb, Amy Sedaris and writer Ashley C. Ford. It's all about the power of female friendship.

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

Emma Stone And Lena Dunham Came Up With 11 Things You Can Call Them Other Than "Sweetheart"

Here are 11 things Emma Stone and Lena Dunham would rather be called than "sweetheart," "babe," and "honey."

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

15 Amazing Women You Should Know Better

Lena Dunham hosts Women of the Hour, the newest podcast from BuzzFeed, and it features conversations with these incredible people and many more.

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

18 Things That People With Depression And Anxiety Can Relate To

"I got out of bed, bruh. That is parade-worthy."

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago

This Is How "The Wire" Creator David Simon Builds A Writers Room

"There's nobody in there that woke up one morning and said, 'I want to be a TV writer.' And that's why I'm interested in them."

Meg Cramer • 3 years ago