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16 Annoying Struggles All People Who Are In Between Plus And Straight Sizes Have To Deal With

Welcome to the gray area.

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2. If you want to shop painlessly, you practically need a spreadsheet to keep track of your sizes.

Keeping track of what your size is at every store requires the kind of mental gymnastics reserved for trigonometry.

3. You will never be able to buy something without trying it on.

Get in that dressing room line no matter how long it is, because if you don't you'll leave with a pile of things to return and mountains of interminable sadness.

4. If you absolutely HAVE to leave with something that day, get ready to leave with something that doesn't quite fit.

It is hard AF to find things that fit well enough without tailoring. Do you have an emergency fancy event to go to? I hope you're handy with safety pins and a staple gun, because that dress you bought probably needs some work.


6. The stretch-test will mislead you more than you'd like to admit.

You might think that stretching out the waist of a jersey dress and holding it against your body is a reasonable way to estimate if something will fit without trying it on, but you would be wrong.


10. Buying. Jeans. Is. Hell.

If you buy them a size too small, you can't breathe until the third time you wear them out. If you size up, they zip happily in the dressing room, but end up sliding off your ass by the end of the day.

11. Finding a fast fashion store that has a plus size section feels like winning the lottery.

Even if it's two racks shoved in the back by the dressing room, finding out that your local H&M has a plus-size section is #blessed.