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16 Annoying Struggles All People Who Are In Between Plus And Straight Sizes Have To Deal With

Welcome to the gray area.

1. Knowing what your size is going to be in any store is a unique challenge.

2. If you want to shop painlessly, you practically need a spreadsheet to keep track of your sizes.

3. You will never be able to buy something without trying it on.

4. If you absolutely HAVE to leave with something that day, get ready to leave with something that doesn't quite fit.

5. If you know for a fact that a store sells your size, you'll never be able to find it.

6. The stretch-test will mislead you more than you'd like to admit.

7. A trip to the dressing room means entering with about 100 things and leaving with two.

The two things you usually do leave with are usually dope as hell.

8. Online shopping presents its own particular set of frustrations.

9. Shopping with straight size friends is something to be avoided.

10. Buying. Jeans. Is. Hell.

If you buy them a size too small, you can't breathe until the third time you wear them out. If you size up, they zip happily in the dressing room, but end up sliding off your ass by the end of the day.

11. Finding a fast fashion store that has a plus size section feels like winning the lottery.

Even if it's two racks shoved in the back by the dressing room, finding out that your local H&M has a plus-size section is #blessed.

12. Some of your favorite clothes are from the maternity section.

13. Buying a bathing suit is an exercise in frustration.

14. There are certain stores that just won't have anything for you.

Oh, we're going to Anthropologie? Catch me in the home goods section.

15. People try to help by giving you clothes that "will definitely fit."

16. Any shirt that buttons is designed to make you feel terrible.

The struggle is real, but don't despair. What would Beysus do?

Remember this: You're still fly as hell.