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Pineapples And Real Estate

UHHHH Yep we said it! Pineapples!

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What do Pineapples and Real Estate have to do with one another?


We are in the business of hospitality and helping other peoples dreams come true by helping them buy a home.

So what the heck does a pineapple & real estate have in common?

We figured you would ask that question and wanted to give you a brief history of its significance in real estate. The pineapple is a symbol of welcome and hospitality in the southern part of our country. Historically when Europeans came over to the “New World” they tried to cultivate the pineapple in a climate where it could not thrive, therefore it was only able to grow in a greenhouse environment. Thus it was a delicacy and providing a pineapple was a true symbol of welcoming and hospitality. Now if you walk through historical homes in the south you will be able to see small pineapple decor as well as within the structure of the homes. We love the warm weather of the southern part of the country and wanted to bring a piece of the south to this four seasoned state. When you see a pineapple in the future we hope you think of us.

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