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24 Haiku In Honor Of National Grammar Day

Hug your editor / for National Grammar Day / They make you look smart.

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To celebrate National Grammar Day on March 4, the American Copy Editors Society held a haiku-writing contest on Twitter.

Here are some of our favorites (plus a few from BuzzFeed's copy editors!):


1. There were haiku about punctuation:

It's not uncommon/ To be aggravated by/ Stray apostrophe's #GrammarDay #haiku


go away, en dash no one knows how to use you; a hyphen will do #GrammarDay #Haiku


Dear semicolon Our relationship, like your usage, is complex #GrammarDay #haiku


Exclamation point, Like hot sauce you are spicy Best used sparingly #GrammarDay #MarchForth



If you don't use an / Oxford comma, I cannot / be your friend. Sorry. #GrammarDay


Dashes and commas twixt independent clauses make me want to scream. #GrammarDay #haiku

7. And the myriad difficulties of the English language:

Is it lie or lay? To have lied or to have lain? Why, conjugation? #GrammarDay


One deer, two deer, three. Haiku is singular and are also plural. #GrammarDay #StiltedHaiku


9. Some people made word-nerdy quips:

(Nothing lonelier than a parenthetical opened but not closed #GrammarDay #haiku


Proofing too quickly, / the dangling modifier / was carelessly missed #GrammarDay haiku


#GrammarDay #haiku Show us on this doll Where the copy editor Punctuated you


Between the "U"s K And S lie sea, tea, dashes, And that last comma #GrammarDay #haiku


13. Or played with word choice:

Oh, if I were not / in a rare subjunctive mood, / I would wish I were. #grammarday #haiku @copyeditors


The lowdown on "loathe": I'm loath to abuse it. I loathe its misuse. #GrammarDay #haiku

15. There were pleas for improvement:

On holiday cards, please make your last name plural, and not possessive. #GrammarDay #haiku


Tell my English prof Ending with prepositions Has never been wrong. #GrammarDay



"i" before "e" and / STOP HYPHENATING ADVERBS / Forgive my outburst. #GrammarDay #haiku

18. And a little bit of pedantry:

#GrammarDay #haiku "It literally killed me to see him." So you speak now from the grave?

19. Some reminded us that language evolves:

Languages change like People change: slowly, non-stop, Unpredictably. #GrammarDay


"But it's not proper!" say pedants and curmudgeons; Grammars, like us, change. #GrammarDay


21. And is meant to be enjoyed:

It’s just words, people; “rules” are meant to be played with, twisted, used for fun. #GrammarDay


Language is a dance, a mating dance for two minds. Keep it passionate. #GrammarDay #haiku

23. But most important, remember:

#GrammarDay Copy editors Are the doctors of writing, Curing bad grammar.


Hug your editor for National Grammar Day. They make you look smart. #GrammarDay #haiku


Looking for more grammar and style fun on Twitter? Follow BuzzFeed's copy desk @styleguide!

Thumbnail image via Pierre Metivier / Creative Commons

The American Copy Editors Society held the haiku-writing contest. A previous version of this post misstated its name. H/T @andybechtel for the heads-up!