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Cut The Shit-Chat!

Tips for better online conversations, and how to avoid the bullshit!

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1. First...let's define what "shit-chat" really means.

*Argumentatively, shit-chat is actually CONSEQUENTIAL conversation.*

*Argumentatively, shit-chat is actually CONSEQUENTIAL conversation.*

2. Ask Yourself...What You Want!

3. Now that you know what you want...swipe right and start chatting!

4. Got Writer's Block? Here's what NOT to say!

5. Be Creative!

6. Use the "Aziz Azari Stole My Style" Approach!

7. Apply & Repeat!

8. And repeat some more!

9. And some more....

10. Keep going! (In this case...all the way to Australia)

11. At the end of the day...what have we learned?

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