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13 Types Of Shaved Animals

The weather's heating up and the fur is coming off, along with some inevitable loss of dignity.

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1. The squeezed tube of toothpaste:

Svelte and compact, the cat's body reaches a crescendo in the head region, bursting forth with the long hair it was destined to grow. (Bonus points if the tip of the tail also resembles a sad, sad explosion.)


7. The saddest/cutest little llama:

That little smile! The almost gravity-defying poof at the top of the neck! It's like an adorable creature has mated with a palm tree, and this is the glorious result. Also, it's pretty pathetic, in an endearing way.


9. The guinea pig/hippo/guinea pig:

Sure, you could stay cool about this, or you could imagine setting up four guinea pigs in a circle and then making them battle for little white balls like they're Hungry, Hungry Hippos.


12. And finally.... the transformer poodle:

No stranger to unfortunate shaving patterns, these poodles have been changed into something else entirely. Here we have the zombie poodle... the zomboodle, if you will.


13. THE END.

This is a freshly shaven baby alpaca frolicking through a field of dandelions. This is the most acceptable form of shaved animal there is. Frolic on, baby alpaca. Feel the wind on your liberated body, and roam free.