Toco The Cat And His Human Sister Are The Most Adorable Troublemakers Ever

    This dynamic duo makes life a daily adventure. A super-cute daily adventure, that is.

    Here's Toco as a kitten with his super-cute sister.

    They met when they were babies and immediately bonded over a good nap.

    From such a young age they showed considerable talent in the cuddling department.

    No one could out-cuddle these two.

    But as they've gotten older, it's become clear that this duo is destined for mischievous greatness.

    They've started trying such experiments, testing out the if-I-fits-I-sits rule.

    And they like to kick back and relax with a game of foosball.

    What these two are best at, though, is finding adventures.

    Even sinks are pretty darn fascinating when these two explore them together.

    And so is looking out the window.

    Lazy days lounging are super fun.

    And they are even willing to test the boundaries of human/cat societal norms.

    It goes without saying that stairs are a ton of fun too when these two adventurers are involved.

    Sure, every once in a while they go a little too far...

    ...but considering how super cute they both are, you can be sure they're forgiven immediately for whatever they've done.

    Both are now 2 years old, and they've only grown closer as time has gone on.

    And one thing's for sure: Whatever these two do in the future, they'll do it together. Obviously, in the most adorable way possible.