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    The 18 Worst Types Of People On The Subway, As Explained By Dogs

    The creepy starer, the pole hogger, the gross eater — these are the menaces that make public transit a painful experience.

    1. The loud phone talker.

    2. The yelling-for-no-reason person.

    3. The person who holds the door open, delaying the train.

    4. The train platform sprinter.

    5. The messy eater.

    6. The stinky eater.

    7. The creepy starer with sunglasses on.

    8. The creepy starer without sunglasses on.

    9. The messy person with no sense of personal space.

    10. The PDA couple.

    11. The performer.

    12. The "It's Showtime" guys.

    13. The person who splays out all of their limbs, taking up way too much space.

    14. The person who takes a shit on the train platform.

    15. The pole hogger.

    16. The farter.

    17. The leaning sleeper.

    18. The incomprehensible conductor over the shitty loudspeaker.