The Search For Love, As Told By Cats In Boxes

    It's tough out there on the dating scene. These cats totally get it.

    Okay, so you're single. You're alone. That's right; I said it. ALONE.

    And what you want more than anything is someone to cuddle up to at night, to complement you perfectly.

    But you've got your guard up, and for good reason. It's important to protect yourself!

    There are some real creeps out there. No denying it.

    But it's time to get out there in the dating scene again. Time to get your feet wet, test the waters.

    It's okay that you're scared. Dating is scary! That doesn't mean it's not worthwhile though.

    It's time to have an open mind about people, even if they don't always provide the perfect fit.

    Like, really not the perfect fit.

    Okay, like not fitting at all. Not even a little bit.

    See, right now you're embarking on the journey of a lifetime, of finding someone to spend your life with...

    And also discovering who YOU really are.

    It's time to challenge the boundaries you once thought were holding you back. You are your own person, and you can do anything!

    Okay, so you've found someone. You're going to give this a go. This person seems nice, seems to be someone worthwhile.

    You start to relax around the person, let your guard down. That's great!

    ...but then you find out that you're not the only one. That's right. You've got yourself a cheater.

    Do you fight about it? Try to make them see eye-to-eye?

    HELL no. You evacuate that situation ASAP. Fly free!

    And okay, you're feeling down in the dumps. It's understandable. But you know what? Getting out there is a tough thing to do, and you've done great! When you feel up to it, it's time to date again.

    Come out of your shell, kid. It's time to get back on that dating horse!

    The world is your oyster, and there are more fantastic eligible folks out there than you can imagine.

    And sure, sometimes things get embarrassing.

    But don't give up. Remember you're worth finding someone special, someone that fits you and your needs.

    Like if you're into role playing and that kind of thing.

    Or maybe you're into group stuff!

    Whatever it is you're into, you should find someone who makes you feel comfortable being who you are, no matter what.

    And once you find that someone, they're worth fighting for.

    Things might not always be perfect.

    But as long as there's love and respect, everything else will come together.

    That's what finding a good fit is all about. Support and compatibility.

    So, are you ready to find someone? On your mark, get set...