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The Official Guide To Sleeping Like A Cat

Cats are the undisputed champions of slumber. Time to up your game by studying their techniques.

Cats sleep, on average, 15 hours per day. That's a lot of sleep.

It's also a lot of opportunity to perfect the art of sleeping. And perfect it, these cats have. This is your guide to emulating the most complicated techniques of the feline sleeping experts.

1. The Ostrich

2. The Container

3. The Group Piece

4. The Daredevil

5. The Contortionist

6. The Sleeping Face

7. The Doormat

And so, with this new-found knowledge may you go into the world and sleep better than ever before!

Find yourself a good spot to splay out (or curl up) and do your best. No pressure or anything, but this guy will be watching you.