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The Incredible Story Of Wallace And Hector, Pit Bull Brothers Turned Breed Ambassadors

One was saved from Michael Vick's dog-fighting ring. The other was saved from euthanasia in a shelter. Together these brothers have beaten the odds and shown the world how wonderful pit bulls can be.

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In 2004 Wallace was adopted from a shelter after he was deemed a "liability" for his high energy levels. On the fast track to euthanasia, his adoptive parents found him just in time.

Where the shelter saw a liability, his new parents saw potential. They began training him, and soon he became a successful competitor in Flying Disc Competitions. Check out all those trophies he won!

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In 2007 he was even the Purina IDC Freestyle Flying Disc National Champion. Yeah, he's kind of a big deal.

In August Wallace passed away. His legacy lives on with his book, and the memories he's made with so many people over the course of his lifetime.

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The organization he inspired, WOD for Dogs, continues to help dogs reach their potentials through physical fitness training.

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