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The Incredible Story Of Wallace And Hector, Pit Bull Brothers Turned Breed Ambassadors

One was saved from Michael Vick's dog-fighting ring. The other was saved from euthanasia in a shelter. Together these brothers have beaten the odds and shown the world how wonderful pit bulls can be.

This is Hector. He's a pit bull.

And this is his brother, Wallace. He's also a pit bull.

In 2007 Hector was rescued from NFL player Michael Vick's dog-fighting ring. Though scarred and abused, the violence he experienced never turned him violent or aggressive.

Hector's gentleness and caring made him the ideal candidate for a therapy dog, and that's just what he became!

In 2004 Wallace was adopted from a shelter after he was deemed a "liability" for his high energy levels. On the fast track to euthanasia, his adoptive parents found him just in time.

Where the shelter saw a liability, his new parents saw potential. They began training him, and soon he became a successful competitor in Flying Disc Competitions. Check out all those trophies he won!


In 2007 he was even the Purina IDC Freestyle Flying Disc National Champion. Yeah, he's kind of a big deal.

As an athlete, Wallace broke barriers. As a dog, he brought a family together.

John Grenell / Via

He even had a book written about him!

Hector, on the other hand, was busy making a difference by reaching out to the public, educating them about what pit bulls really are (crazy cute and lovable!).

In addition to being a therapy dog, Hector has enjoyed a robust career as an expressionist artist.

Together the brothers have worked hard to be ambassadors for their breed. Here they are in American Dog Magazine.

Through sheer dedication and drive, they've managed to be awesome dogs while remaining super adorable at the same time.


Just look at that poise! The sheer level of CUTE.

They've become so famous for their achievements that Hector and Wallace have even gotten to meet Betty White!

Life hasn't been all fun and games, though. Hector needs his downtime, and has had health problems from time to time.

Last year Wallace was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. Doctors said that he likely would not survive the year.

Despite his illness, Wallace lived his life to the fullest until his final day. Whenever health allowed, he was outside and playing, doing what he did best.

In August Wallace passed away. His legacy lives on with his book, and the memories he's made with so many people over the course of his lifetime.


The organization he inspired, WOD for Dogs, continues to help dogs reach their potentials through physical fitness training.

Wallace is gone, but not forgotten.

Wallace's memory is carried on in Hector's community work, as his brother still continues to reach out to the public and work toward pit-bull awareness and love.

And so we thank Hector and Wallace for being such amazing ambassadors for their breed.

Via Facebook: HectorThePitBull

And for being so gosh-darn cute!

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