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    Taco Cat Is The Cutest Palindrome Ever

    As quirky as he is adorable, no matter which way you look at him, he's the best.

    This is Taco.

    Taco is well aware that you find him incredibly adorable.

    Because, really, how could you not?

    Taco is really good at napping.

    Like, REALLY good at napping.

    Even in the face of a gigantic menacing hand, Taco has the great strength to forgo defense and choose to fall asleep.

    Because he's just that good at it.

    Taco's a bit of an explorer. If he sees a new frontier, he's brave enough to check it out.

    Even when these new and exotic places are a bit overwhelming.

    Or a little bit uncomfortable.

    Because Taco is all about the excitement of adventure... and/or the food.

    (Strong emphasis on the food.)

    He also knows how to be extremely ferocious.

    And he's really sneaky. Just look at those hiding skills!

    Taco knows how to turn on the charm.

    Why hello there, Taco.

    One gaze has enough raw sex appeal to make you blush.

    It's a lot to handle.

    Luckily, before long he's back to napping again, sparing you the all-encompassing power that his stare contains.

    Though strong, he is merciful.

    And snuggly. Merciful, and snuggly.

    And so goshdarn cute, it's a little difficult to come to terms with.

    And so we salute young Taco for being such a delight.

    And for being the cutest palindrome that's ever happened to the English language.

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