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10 Steps To Become The Cutest Pitbull On Instagram Ever

You may think it looks easy, but these pitties have instacuteness down to a science. Watch and learn.

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1. First, master the art of direct eye contact with the camera.

A good stare-down is essential for showing just how smart and adorable you are.

Bonus points if you can smile with your eyes while doing so!

Triple points for a double chin!

2. Next, show off your super cute nose with a close-up.

Because on the mean streets of Instagram, it's cute nose or GTFO.

3. And after that, time to show off how strong you are with a super serious pose.

4. But all that posing gets exhausting, so then it's time for a nap.

The smooshier the face, the better.

Little blanket nests are always welcome, too.

5. And remember, the cutest naps tend to happen with company.

You just have to be careful, though.

All of this adorableness is enough to end a person.

A person might look at those little faces and melt away.

6. And once you wake up from your nap, it's time to show off your keen fashion sense.

Taking risks is encouraged.

But keeping it casual is totally acceptable too!

7. Accessorize with your best asset: an adorable tongue.

Subtle, sure.. but never underestimate how endearing something so small can be.

8. But most importantly, the cutest pitbulls on instagram know how to have fun.

9. So don't be afraid to look a little goofy.

10. And remember: the best days are spent with those you love.

It should be obvious but everything is better with friends!

Even when those friends copy your outfit.

Everything is better with your buddy by your side.

Except when said buddy decides to climb on your face. That's a bit much.

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